goals met :: tasha mckelvey

tasha mckelvey - pottery bird bowls

tasha mckelvey - turquoise & red bird bowls

pottery bird necklaces by tasha mckelvey

This past year, I fulfilled a big long-term goal – to finally have my pottery studio at my home. My husband and I bought our first house and I finally have a studio of my very own – that definitely feels like success to me.

Tasha McKelvey

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11 thoughts on “goals met :: tasha mckelvey

  1. I just discovered her work thanks to you but I am glad i did. she is so very talented. I really have a *crush* on these red birds …
    off to check her other creations !!!

  2. I really love the sweet little blue mug with the red birds. I would love to drink tea from this (or a very similar mug) of Tasha’s very soon :-) And I also love her measure of success… I have a two-year-old so mine is often whether I get a few minutes to myself and my own crafty projects. I can relate with just having a space of my own. Very nice!

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