Go: Today’s Anti-Procrastination Motivation

Go, just go. Just get up, leave this page, and do it.

What did you want to do today, where did you want to go today? What has been on your mind that you want to do but haven’t done? This is your opportunity to do it!

Procrastination isn’t always bad. Sometimes it helps us — sometimes you need time to mull your idea over or to prepare yourself for what is ahead. But we all have something that we could do right now that we’ve been hesitating on that could be done today.

Sometimes all we have between us and movement is just an excuse: I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, I don’t have the motivation.

Well, this is it, my friend. This is your time. What do you want to do?

Call your aunt Janice? Email that job prospect? Write that letter of apology? Register for that community class? Make that list of ideas for your project? Write down your three blessings for today? Buy that book that your friend keeps telling you to read? Put on your tennis shoes and take that one-mile walk? Paint that stain in the kitchen?

Just do one thing.

Doing one thing — ONE THING — that you are not procrastinating on any more… what a difference it can make! It can lead to: further inspiration, a string of getting other things done, that happy-dance of doing it, that sigh of relief, that “Yes, I did it feeling!” — you know the one.

Doing one thing often leads to doing one more. (This is like a chain reaction sometimes. Doing one thing motivates you to do one more.) There are even some great apps out there that can help you list your tasks, and chain or string them together. However, don’t click this link and read about it until after you’ve done your one thing. Today you just have to do ONE THING.

And so I say, one more time: Go, just go. Just get up, leave this page, and do it.

After reading this, what did you get up and do?

Help motivate someone else and let us know what you did or what helps you get up and do the things you need to do!

– – –
P.S. This is my first Scoutie Girl post, and I’m delighted to join some fabulous inspirational crafters, entrepreneurs, writers, innovators, thinkers and creators in bringing you daily motivation for your work and play.  Thanks for letting me be a part of adding inspiration to your day!

15 thoughts on “Go: Today’s Anti-Procrastination Motivation

    1. Yea, Cyn! Thanks so much for reading and participating! Glad the pups get a good washin’ today… hope you enjoy the get it done feeling and hope they enjoy it too. Love you.

    1. Me too. That’s my one thing today… sending an email regarding some client paperwork that I’ve put off for almost a month! I can’t believe it’s been so long and I’m not sure why. But I’m gonna get that one thing done so I can be free of it.

    1. Yay, Denny. If somehow it helps you Do something more, then let us know… I’m curious how many people feel like they can get a lot of worthwhile/helpful things done when they just start with one thing. And it doesn’t just have to be small tasks—sometimes when I do one small task I feel like I can conquer the big ones! Here’s to you for doing it!

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