go green for spring.

Cotton Field Bracelet...-
cotton field bracelet by jewelera via flickr

Oiled Wood Necklace
oiled wood necklace by p8 accessories via flickr

Three orange dots
three orange dots by 3 dots via flickr

Beach Stone Bezel Earrings
beach stone bezel earrings by stonzware via flickr

flutter! by valerie tyler designs

spring seems as good as any to reinvest yourself in the green movement. why not do so with nature inspired jewelry? for more goodies, check out the modern nature design group on flickr organized by valerie tyler designs.

11 thoughts on “go green for spring.

  1. These are very tasteful selection of items. For me it is such an honor to see my bracelet along them, I really appreciate this! The Flutter by Valerie is exquisite, as the rest of her creations! :)


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