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greencraft magazine by somerset

have you noticed a new volume among the craft mags at your favorite book haunt? greencraft magazine is a new publication by stampington & company – the same people who publish the somerset series of mags.

i couldn’t wait to crack this little puppy open! it is full of how-to’s, interviews with green crafters, and inspiration for your next recycled or repurposed project.

one of my favorite articles was “a new life for old sweaters” by jess pillmore, featuring an adorable shrug she constructed from an old, oversized argyle sweater.

green craft magazine by somerset

not only do i have two copies of greencraft to giveaway, i also have two copies of stuffed, stampington’s celebration of all things stuffed!

for this giveaway, there will be two winners and each will receive one copy of greencraft & one copy of stuffed – a $30 value! there are two ways to enter and [one] winner will be selected from each method:
**become a fan of scoutie girl on facebook. leave a comment on our wall with one thing you’ve done to become a more eco-friendly crafter.
**and/or sign-up for sg’s weekly newsletter full of crafty deals, indie news, and other goodies! then leave a comment on this post with one thing you’ve done to be a more eco-friendly crafter.

**if you’re already a fan or subscriber, just leave a comment on facebook and/or on this post.
**one entry per method per person.
**contest ends sunday, september 6 at midnight. winners will be notified by email and have 24 hours to claim their prize.

good luck!

images courtesy of stampington & company

33 thoughts on “giveaway :: greencraft & stuffed magazines

  1. l.ov.e. this magazine! i make eco-friendly wool felt pillows stuffed with batting made from corn. however- i just placed a big order for the industry’s latest- felt made from bamboo! i’ll be coming out with a new line made from bamboo felt soon!

  2. One thing I’m doing to be a greener crafter is: Using up my stash! No buying anything new until I’ve used up the mountain of fabric I already have. It worked on my yarn stash last year, but it’s much tougher with fabric. Oh how i love buying new fabrics. :)

  3. I would love to win this giveaway! I work in the architecture industry and I reuse wallpaper samples, tiles and carpet all the time. My fav is using wallpaper to make cute little clutches.

  4. I enjoy using natural fibers when I knit/crochet, as opposed to acrylic. While acrylic does have a place, I far prefer using wool! I also like using thrift store finds for crafting, maybe making over a garment, or creating stuffed animals from thrift store fabric finds.

  5. just subscribed to the dig…can’t wait! i try to find new uses for things so that they don’t end up in the landfill. composting, recycling, and then turning things like paper bags, buttons, and ribbon into works of art.

  6. Lately I’ve been trying to re-purpose some of my own clothes for new projects, or go to the thrift store…there is just so much “stuff” out there, every little bit counts. Thanks!

  7. Love getting old sweaters from goodwill or other 2nd hand stores; unraveling and reusing yarn for other projects. FYI, I’m originally from Wyomissing 😉

  8. Woo hoo! Thanks for spreading the word about GreenCraft. And how flattering that you mentioned my article and recrafted sweater pieces. I’m a huge fan of Scoutie Girl blog, so this was a big boost.

    Best wishes on your life adventures and happy eco-crafting everyone!
    ~ Jess

  9. That magazine looks like it would be so much fun – I want to make that coffee filter project! To become a more eco-friendly crafter, I’ve started recycling all of my metal scraps, and I always recycle any and every bit of paper and cardboard used in my business (and my life!).

  10. I’m a subscriber! And, to be a little more eco-friendly, I’m determined to use fabrics from my stash or old clothes before hitting the stores.

  11. I’ve started putting my coffee grinds and egg shells in my garden soil. What else can I start putting in there? Anything to help the garden grow.

    I also made baby quilts out of my little one’s clothes. They were too used to for others, but not for memorable quilt.



  12. Thanks for the giveaway – oh just one because I recycle a lot in my art.
    Probably the biggest I use scrap wood from everyone I know including from construction sites.

    I also recycle fabric, paper and plastic items in my work.

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