getting to know you: regina morrison

Getting to Know You is your introduction to our new Scoutie Girl contributors. We’ll be running these over the next few weeks. Today, enjoy getting to know more about Regina Morrison!

Regina Morrison Acute Designs

Why do you DIY?
The main reason I DIY is because I like to see results. I like the feeling I get when I make or do something myself. Whether this is food, a piece of jewelry, or redecorating a room in my house, the feeling of accomplishment is the best.

What are you MOST passionate about right now?
I am passionate about working for myself and growing my business, Acute Designs and my blog, also entitled Acute Designs. Each day I focus on how I can grow my business and my blog so that I can make a decent living doing what I love.

What do you have in common with Scoutie Girl readers?
I embrace the DIY spirit, understand the importance of small businesses, and am in need of daily inspiration.

What would Scoutie Girl readers be surprised to know about you?
Even though I am a creative type, I actually really love the numbers side. I do love to work with my hands, but there is a big part of me that can find a lot of joy in a spreadsheet.

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