getting to know you: janice bear

Getting to Know You is your introduction to our new Scoutie Girl contributors. We’ll be running these over the next few weeks. Today, enjoy getting to know more about Janice Bear!

Janice Bear Never a Plain Jane

Why do you DIY?
I suppose I do it because I’m a control freak. You know the old saying – if you want it done right, do it yourself. Somehow, that explanation falls short. There is no “good” reason why – I just HAVE to do it. It is a compulsion, like flipping a light switch on and off three times before leaving a room. I don’t feel normal unless I’ve spent some time creating, and I’ve found it is much less exhausting to give in to the urge than to fight it.

What are you MOST passionate about right now?
I am currently most passionate about a different kind of DIY altogether – my little girl’s bathroom! It doesn’t even involve sewing. I am in the process of painting and redecorating it and it is so addicting. Like me, my kiddo has a penchant for all that glitters and this room is totally going to reflect that. I find that gaining experience in one DIY field always feeds my growth in another. I can definitely tell that the “feel” of this little bathroom is creeping into my garter work.

What do you have in common with Scoutie Girl readers?
I struggle. Just like SG readers, I am scouring every book, website, and coffee shop pinboard looking for the secret to success in life. It is frustrating and it is hard and… I adore it! My struggle to totally own my life may be a little different from other readers’, but it is essentially the same journey.

What would Scoutie Girl readers be surprised to know about you?
When I got married two years ago I did not wear a garter.

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