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Getting to Know You is your introduction to our new Scoutie Girl contributors. We’ll be running these over the next few weeks. Today, enjoy getting to know more about Dannielle Cresp!

Why do you DIY?
I DIY because I want to be be part of the process and be happy with the outcome. I like that feeling when something that you pictured in your head comes to life. I don’t like to be stuck with a solution that doesn’t quite work just because it’s the only thing available. It gives you the option of creating the solution that you need.

What are you MOST passionate about right now?
Enabling people to create the future that they want and need. To help them work out where they want to go and how they will get there. For me, I see the biggest barrier to people creating the future that they want is that they haven’t quite decided which direction they want to take and are stuck in a holding pattern unable to get past it.

What do you have in common with Scoutie Girl readers?
I’m a girl that’s working towards making her creative dreams become a reality by ignoring the naysayers and working towards my goals everyday. I believe in a future where we can all help each other to rise and where we build a community together. I think that’s something Scoutie Girl readers can relate to.

What would Scoutie Girl readers be surprised to know about you?
Before becoming a full time creative I worked in supply chain and logistics for a renewable energy company, whilst also studying for my international business degree. It’s very different from what I do today but it taught me some valuable lessons about business and the relationships between employee and employer. It was an exciting time to be at the company while they were setting up their Australian office, but I’m glad that I’m doing what I love now.

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