let’s get real about passion: part 2

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Yesterday, I wrote a post about being fed up with a comfortable definition of passion. And I was blown away by the poem that broke free in the comments section. Below, the words are not mine. They are the words of the brilliant and beautiful commenters.

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Passion is…

Passion is scary and overwhelming.

Passion gnaws at you until you cannot deny it any longer. And once you stop denying it? Well, life unfolds into a passionate, steamy love affair. You are your passion.

Passion is when your art and you are careening down a mountainside and you’re not sure who’s driving.

I’ll tell ya this passion is kicking my ass and I hope your passion kicks your ass and has you running back for more.

Passion is a drive you can’t deny, that’s what carries you and makes you live life to the fullest. Hopefully.

Passion is the big bang of the universe.

Passion can go underground for decades and when ignited by the right circumstance… pours forth again, relentlessly.

We need to allow ourselves to be servants of passion, vessels of passion, workhorses for passion, be taken over by passion…
Transcendence rocks… and rolls… and grabs other people by the collar and says “Don’t ever try to tame me, ride me… wrecklessly.”
Without listening to passion we’re living zombies.

Passion won’t wait for the ‘right time’. It won’t stick around while you wait for others to finish up what they’re doing. Passion makes you take control and forge ahead.

Passion is zigzag with sharp corners.

Passion does not reside somewhere in the middle, but at the extremes. Only there can real inspiration be found. Wishy washy feelings fade to grey.

Intense, fire in the belly, charging forward because I can’t not, passion.


The original purpose of this blog was to highlight a penchant for the passionately handmade. It still is. But it has grown (because of you) into so much more than that.

I’ve just adopted a new tagline that, while not as punchy as Jan’s, encapsulates what this site is all about: Scoutie Girl is where passionate creatives connect, converse, and connect. This space is the corner coffee shop, the hopping gallery, the college quad. It’s a place for you to be yourself, find nourishment, and engage.

The comments on yesterday’s post were a brilliant example of that mission. Thank you.

The question I’m going to leave unanswered for right now is: if that’s passion, how the hell do I find it?

Listen, I don’t know for sure. But I’m going to take a crack at it on Monday. I don’t want to leave you hanging.

In the meantime, please check out Alexis Martin Neely’s video on passion in business. Here’s the 1 sentence synopsis: you don’t need to know your passion to get started in business, but finding you passion as a business is a fundamental part of sustaining your success for the long haul.

7 thoughts on “let’s get real about passion: part 2

  1. This is so exciting!!! I just read yesterdays post and responses and now this and yet more to come. You are doing amazing and passionate work my friend! I think I just shed winter 😉

  2. I really believe that passion is a burning fire, that, if you let it, will consume you totally and completely. I love the words that were written here.
    I can say from experience that I have lived my life at one point totally giving into my passion. But, unfortunately, just because you’re passionate doesn’t mean you have direction. From the point that I realized this, I have tried to live with a balance between my passionate side and my reasonable side.
    If I fall too much to either side, I feel like I’m doing myself a disservice. Not fully allowing either part of myself the room it needs to breathe.

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