Gaga over Gaga

sorry for the lame title, i had to do it! i’ve been a fan of art and decor shop i’m from the woods for quite a while now, ever since i saw hollie’s amazing nerd lemonade illustration:

nerd lemonade

which by the way also looks fabulous in color:

nerd lemonade color

but since i do the pop culture section, i’ve been stuck, wondering when i could feature this beyond inspiring shop. well folks, the day has come. i am officially gaga over holly’s latest illustrations, inspired by the lady herself:

Lady Gaga Illustration

Lady Gaga Illustration

Lady Gaga Illustration

be sure to stop by shop i’m from the woods and take a peek at the other goodies hollie has to offer. her vintage shop is also swell 😉

5 thoughts on “Gaga over Gaga

  1. Holly’s use of line and color is so vibrant her work just pops off the page. I look forward to seeing more of her art and think these images are gagalicious as well!.

  2. I’ve recently signed up for your blog and am blown away by your good taste. I’ve made Holly one of my etsy favorites. I look forward to your emails. Lots of fun. Thanks!

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