G I V E A W A Y | from art garage sale ~ $614 value


Scoutie Girl has teamed up with Art Garage Sale for a marvelous May giveaway. 16 artists who display & sell their work at Art Garage Sale have generously donated items from their collections, for a total prize value of $614! Beautiful art & hip accessories for you and your home – including a crazy generous original art donation from Earth Art worth $235! One lucky Scoutie Girl reader will win the entire package – and, the best part: you can enter up to 16 times!
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E N T R Y   R U L E S
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  1. Visit an artist's "garage" at Art Garage Sale by clicking on the links or images below, browse around, find something you like, make a mental note.
  2. Come back here, make a comment on this post about what you liked & who made it. (no hotlinking necessary)
  3. Repeat as many times as you like for each artist listed, make a separate comment for each one, and you're entered each time!
  4. Small Print:
    *Contest ends Saturday, May 16th  at midnight. All entries must be rec'd by then to be eligible. One will be selected by a random number generator.
    * Winner must respond within 48 hours of notification or a new winner will be selected.
    *Duplicate or incomplete entries are not eligible & will be deleted.
    *Entries left for non-participating Art Garage Sale artists are not eligible & will be deleted.
: garden earrings from bellissima jewelry design, $22
: wolfman tee from tender loving empire, $15
: 'birdie perched' wall decal from shanickers, $46
: 'rebecca' illustrated pendant from milkshake, $15
: 'not quiet now' original art on wood from dr. kennedy jones, $40
: 'following the wind' print from shellie mitchell, $20
: 'reflections' original diptych painting from earth art, $235
: 'hello spring' print from cathy nichols, $28
: 'turquoise rain' ceramic coasters (set of 4) from jessica gonacha, $14
: sterling poppy earrings from copper frog studio, $26
: letterpressed posters (2) from roll & tumble press, $40
: 'rock & a hard' place earrings from a la mode, $12
: 'cherry blossom girl' print from jkl design, $23
: black onyx beaded necklace from kenton beadworks, $35
: houndstooth vinyl record bracelet from wrecords by monkey, $25
: small retro daisy card wallet from bcharmer designs, $18

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Thank you for supporting independent designers and artists!

440 thoughts on “G I V E A W A Y | from art garage sale ~ $614 value

  1. I love the way WrecordsByMonkey combines a funky hip look with classic patterns like houndstooth and toile. I’m all over it!

  2. I love the delicacy and blending of natural earthy elements in the works of Bellisima Jewelry Design.

  3. Tender Loving Empire’s designs are right up my alley…quirky & irreverent. I love the wolfman tee and the barn owls tee.

  4. Shanicker’s wall decals instantly add artistic and creative edge to a room. The perched bird decal would fit perfectly into my daughter’s garden themed nursery!

  5. Dr. Kennedy Jones’ work is lovely. I love that the he paints on wood and leaves it exposed as part of the piece.

  6. Cathy Nichols’ works are also wonderful. I think I will need to order the mommy & baby owl print.

  7. bcharmer’s pieces are way cool. I love the way she blends graphic elements together.

  8. What an awesome niche wrecords by monkey has created. I’m all about recycling & reusing materials!

  9. Wow, what a treasure trove of lovely things :)

    Copper Frog Studio favourite 3:
    – Loop de loop earrings
    – Poppy Fields earrrings
    – A Little Birdie Told Me hoop earrrings (these are great!!)

  10. Favourite 3 from milkshake:
    – Faye pendant
    – bloom desk clock (I’m a gardener :) )
    – floral card pack

  11. Favourite 4 from Cathy Nichols:
    – Mommy Tree talking to baby tree
    – Hello Spring
    – Hello Summer
    – Sanctuary

  12. Favourite 3 from Original Fabric on Wood Art:
    – Gathering Apples
    – Grassy Hill
    – Following the Wind

  13. the checkbook wallet – stacked books – from bcharmer is lovely and of such a cleaned-up design

  14. bellissima jewelry, wow

    Fav 3:
    – Compass necklace
    – garden earrings
    – Free-spirit necklace

  15. Roll and Tumble press…great for decorating my new cubicle:
    – Mind your manners
    – Think before speaking


  16. BCharmer..fun!

    – Fireweed Honey messenger bag
    – Birdie Dreams messenger bag

  17. Laura Sue Art…faves:
    – Sea Urchins
    – Custom Sculpted Art (has two birds on it)

  18. Love the ornate vinyl earrings from Wrecords by Monkey. This is my favorite use of recycled vinyl I’ve seen!

  19. Leather cuff bracelet redefined Vintage Flowers
    by Graynation is cool, because it would enhance my motorcycle/cowboy look I’ve been trying to get going lately.

  20. I love the black onyx necklace from Kenton beadworks and the ‘reflections’ painting from Earth Art

  21. Sterling silver and 9ct gold flower ring – Linda Macdonald

    So in love with this ring by ellageorgiajewelry. It’s delicate and beautiful.

  22. The fossil letterpress cards-assorted set of 6 by Blackbird Letterpress are so cool. I love fossils and those would be perfect for sending letter to people I secretly admire, in a not so secret way.

  23. Hipster Werewolf (men’s) by crywolf. I’d get this for my boyfriend, basically, so I could steal it from him later.

  24. Are you kidding? This is amazing.

    love the yellow in the awaken necklace from bellisima jewelry! (ps, her wood earrings deserve an honorable mention!)

  25. Faux Foxy – Women’s T-Shirt by indvsl.

    I can’t even guess how many compliments I would get wearing this shirt.

  26. Triangle Purse, in turquoise, by talithaleather is soooo cool and definitely my style. I need $$ so I can snatch it up and wear it always.

  27. shanickers birches in a row are lovely. the circles would look great above the couch in my new relaxation room!

  28. The the cut out clutch – etc. – black with red dot grommets and the the tote bag – aubergine quilted vinyl by alamodestuff is going on my wishlist. They are perfect casual bags and look so well made.

  29. I love all of Copper Frog Studio’s delicate jewelry, but am most in love with the Mamma Poppy Drop Necklace.

  30. ShaNickers Wall Decal/ Wall Sticker-Octopus-Small… I live in an apartment with two horrible, smell, messy boys. This octopus would be a nice way to at least have one small section of our apartment look presentable.

  31. Kentonbeadworks is a long time obsession of mine. I love her classic Kelly necklace.

  32. I am having a hard time not purchasing the Cameo Necklace from Wrocords by Monkey Brooklyn.

  33. I really enjoyed Earth Arts painting of the two birds on a wire with the bright blue color behind them.

  34. I love everything, Dr. Kennedy Jones. If I have to choose – then Bear, Involution & M is for Magic are my faves.

  35. Dear Shellie Mitchell,

    I don’t think it’s possible to care too much. That’s my fave piece in the shop!

  36. My studio just lost a wall. I think the decal from ShaNickers would help create a beautiful new space when it’s repaired.

  37. Going to have to get me some of Copper Frog Studio’s stuff…those “A Little Birdie Told Me” earrings are great!

  38. Want to decorate my cubicle with:

    Roll and Tumble Press’ “Think Before Speaking” :)

  39. What a great idea. I just love this garage sale stuff. To cute! I like a lot of indie artists on here.
    jessgonacha jewelry is nice
    Forgottenbeauty photos amazing
    cathynichols this style is a lot like mine, i like!

  40. oh goodness! my birthday is may 15th and i honestly cannot think of anything better for my birthday then winning this contest.
    i love all of jessica g’s square coasters. the unusual shape and brightly colored patterns are perfect!

  41. napping fox is my favorite print from dr kennedy jones. it makes me want to curl up and read a book with some hot cocoa, even though its is super hot here in florida right now.

  42. I’m a huge Bcharmer fan. I loe everything Colleen makes. Her fabric collection is fantastic and the quality of her work is top notch.

  43. my favorites from jess gonacha are the Bianca Set of 4 Coasters, the Clouds Set of 4 Coasters, the Turquoise Rain Set of 4 Coasters, the Jacqueline Set of 4 Coasters, the Waterlily Set of 4 Coasters & the Double Sided Necklace Sofia-Mallory

  44. my favorites from copper frog studios are the Back To Basics Hoops, the Dew Drop Earrings & The Loop De Loop Earrings

  45. my favorites from jkl designs are the Twilight Blue print, the Push print & the I’m Afraid I Can’t Help It print

  46. my favourites from bcharmer designs are the Birdie Dreams Messenger Bag & the Small Cowboy Wallet – Lulu Loves Dotty

  47. The sticker Circles Intersected in red from shanickers would look great over my couch

  48. From Shellie Mitchell:
    1. Grassy Hill
    2. Petals in the Wind
    3. Green Tea for One
    4. Yellow Pepper
    #3 or 4 would look amazing in my kitchen!!!!!!!

  49. Copper Frog studio rocks! Still lovin’ the “A Little Birdie Told Me” hoop earrings.

  50. Envisioning my new cubicle with a Roll and Tumble Press sign…

    Think Before Speaking

  51. From Bellissima jewelry design, I love the Whimsical earrings! Gorgeous!


  52. From Tender Loving Empire, I like the Birdz Hoodie!


  53. From Shanickers, I like the Open Window w/ Birds decal.


  54. From milkshake, I like the orange circles desk clock.


  55. From Dr. Kennedy Jones, I like the A Warmer Day art print.


  56. From Shellie Mitchell, I like the Green Tea for One print.


  57. From earth art, I like the painting with the birds on a wire.


  58. From Cathy Nichols, I like the Mommy Tree Talking to Baby Tree piece.


  59. From Jessica Gonacha, I love the Water Lily coasters.


  60. From Copper Frog Studio, I love the Wee Ones Turquoise Earrings.


  61. From Roll and Tumble Press, I like the Kissing Booth sign.


  62. From a la mode, I like the black and gray seatbelt tote bag.


  63. From JKL Design, I like the Silence and Noise print.


  64. From Kenton Beadworks, I like the Branch Out necklace best.


  65. From Wrecords by Monkey, I like the Medium Ornate Vinyl Records earrings.


  66. From Bcharmer Designs, I like the Three Season Neck Scarf – Camping Out.


  67. I heart Jess Gonacha’s Jacqueline Coasters – I have been debating about buying these for the past few weeks – not sure what is holding me back!

  68. jessica gonacha — bird lady print, new year goal and intention kit, we dont live near beach print, bianca coasters, i’ve never met you zine

  69. copper frog — poppy post earrings, little birdy ring, loop de loop earrings, poppy fields earrings

    too many items to drool over! i really enjoyed the delicate-ness of the poppy jewelry.

  70. bcharmer — i love the fabric combos, particularly the apricot blossom wallet, firefly dreams tomboy wallet, and the heirloom tomato belt

  71. I am in love with Dr. Kennedy Jones’ work! First violin is incredibly clever and that thursday evening really moves me.

  72. Those “A little birdie told me earrings” from Copper From Studio are calling my name :)

  73. I love the work that jessgonacha creates – the patterns on the coasters are awesome. I bought a calendar earlier in the year and I love it!

  74. The M is for Magic collage by dr. kennedy jones is one of my favorite pieces on the site.

  75. It is difficult to pick my favorite from all the fantastic choices from ShaNickers, but Open Window w/ Birds and Tree in Wind are two that I love.

  76. The movement and color in the Koi painting from Earth Art make the fish come alive – beautiful!

  77. The use of the golden wood in the A New Day earrings by bellissima jewelry give a warm feel and beautiful texture to the design.

  78. The work by Copper Frog Studio is amazing – my favorite is the Poppy Fields oval pendant. The simplicity is what makes it beautiful.

  79. WrecordsByMonkey is genius! Shemagh Vinyl Record Band gives a new name to reusing found objects.

  80. I LOVE dR Kennedy Jones “Wolf” mini print- my sone would absolutely keep it in his room.:)

  81. Roll & Tumble’s Think before Speaking would be PERFECT for my high school classroom!!!

  82. sha nickers wild wall decal is perfect for my giraffe collection,i also like the love tree,hangin out,chalkies-heck I love almost all of them!!!

  83. I love the garden earring’s from bellissima jewelry design. Those are my favorite colors.

  84. Shanickers wall decals are amazing. The blossomming tree would be perfect in my bedroom. Or I have a friend setting up a nursery that would love the Animal party.

  85. Love Shanickers decals, I am also eyeing up the daisies or floating lotus for over my bed!

  86. Love the artwork from Shellie Mitchell…maybe because of the colours…I am just accesorizing my basement with a turquoise colour.

    Amazing work.

  87. Love the pendant from milkshake..crikey who wouldn’t!

    Also the summer bloom desk clock caught my eye for my home office desk.

  88. Think I’m just gonna go ahead and get the ‘you are so loved’ unframed gocco print at jessica gonacha. Love it!

  89. I’ve been looking for a vegan messenger bag for aaaaages and I think i found the perfect one.
    bcharmer designs – Fireweed Honey Messenger

  90. Wrecords by Monkey- I adore the Toile Bracelet. And the Cameo necklace and everything. Wow. I am glad to know about this shop now.

  91. (Dr. Kennedy Jones- I love EVERYTHING but That Thursday Evening is a fave is what my post before should have said.)

    Milkshake- I love the grow desk clock. I love trees.

  92. Sorry, the original large painting by Contemporary Art for Real Homes (Laura Sue) scares me – I hate Tornados – It’s pretty though. Symphony Musicians is up my alley!

  93. I am in awww with so many hot products. I just moved into a new place and have been totally inspired.
    thehomecentric has amazing pillows that are the look i’m going for.
    milkshake has adorable little wall clocks.
    thecrosbit the flower sketch jewelry rack is a must have.

  94. I Love all of the stuff by Jessica Gonacha! especially the critters and creatures alphabet poster, and “I’ve never met you” zine!

  95. I just linked to this from my blog… I really want to win, but I figured I should share the love! What a great giveaway!

    Okay, I love the coasters and their critters and creatures alphabet poster too!

  96. The ‘Kissing Booth’ Letterpress Poster hand made by Roll and Tumble Press is whispering that it wants to be on the wall above our red Klippan sofa because it makes me smile like crazy! xo
    (I could make out with my husband on the sofa with that sweet bit of art above our heads…how cute is that?)

  97. I’m totally loving the messenger bag by bcharmer. What I could fill that bag with boggles the mind.

  98. Milkshakes Fern Cards are to die for. Perfect for thank you notes and catching up with friends correspondence. Go snail mail!

  99. Shellie Mitchell’s prints are lovely, especially liking ‘Following th Wind’.

  100. kenton beadworks’ “Forest” is simply gorgeous! The black necklace featured here is a dreamer! Sigh

  101. I love the seaside earrings from Bellissima Jewelry. They remind me of something my mom wore in the sixties :)

  102. I love the Barn Owlz women’s tee from Tender Loving Empire and very reasonable price!

  103. The Faye pendent from Milkshake is fab! I am a sucker for anything with a bird on it 😉

  104. Wow, the wall decals at ShaNickers are awesome! I especially love the Hummingbird. Really neat!

  105. I can’t get enough of the amazing fabrics at bcharmer! My favorite is the optic blossom wallet.

  106. love the color of the peacocks on the dear sun necklace by bellisima jewelry design!

  107. enjoyed mommy tree talking to baby tree by cathy nichols, wish i’d seen that for mother’s day!

  108. great art all around!

    i especially love the ‘rebecca’ illustrated pendant from milkshake, since i’m totally into dill patterns right now. Love the yellow birdie too!


  109. Tender Loving Empire’s Smoking Falcon Tee would be a great gift for my son in law.

  110. A la Mode’s No Whining Necklace is funny (and a good thing to wear around my grandsons).

  111. Roll and Tumble Press has some fun things. I like the Think Before Speaking print.

  112. I adore the Dr Kennedy Jones
    print you featured, but it wasn’t in the shop, so I choo-choo-chose
    That Thursday Evening which is just lovely.

  113. Original Fabric on Wood art by Shellie Mitchell: The gathering apples print really stands out to me!

  114. Earth Art has a fabulous piece called Trees and Stripes which would look perfect in my house!

  115. From Roll and Tumble Press: Think Before Speaking (if for no other reason than to remind myself, lol)

  116. From A La Mode Stuff: The stuck between a rock and a hard place earrings make me laugh! I love them!

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