friday scout out: undies


growing up, we called these tooties - do you have any fun names for underwear? (cuz that word stinks!)

  1. organic cotton/soy thong from louella bloom, $14
  2. soft jersey panty with front vertical smocking from sandmaiden, $24
  3. adjustable string bikini in cotton/spandex from majo rey store, $28 (3 pack)
  4. black tulle and silk side-tie knickers from love baby grand, $22
  5. silkscreened damask in cotton/lycra from recession, $13
  6. side-tie purple rose knickers from anastasia jamin, $32 (thanks for your note!)
  7. paris cherie bikini low-rise from queen b lingerie, $30 

7 thoughts on “friday scout out: undies

  1. i love those second ones! unfortunately i’m not at a point where i can spend $24 on underwear, though. :) darn! and no, we just called them underwear– totties is so much more fun!

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