friday scout out: inbox roundup, part 1

this friday scout out is a bit different than my usual – still thematic though! as you can imagine, artist submissions tend to pile up around here – and so does the guilt when i can't feature as many as i'd like in a timely fashion! this post is to thank those who take the time to write nice notes, whose work is certainly worth mentioning - and to help clean-out my inbox & assuage my guilt all at once! (there will be more where this came from.) enjoy!!

a new series of bright & cheerful digital prints called "this kitchen is for the birds." from Stephanie Fizer.

pretty, delicate resin and handmade paper jewelry, limited edition. from trove.

original and mini-print marker drawings of fun-loving, 1920s flappers. from flapperdoodle.

sassy, confident, super-soft organic cotton tees. from vintage blue.

fantastic, hand-drawn, retro-style original screenprint, limited edition. from anti graphic.

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