friday scout out: daily worth

(c) 2009 daily worth. all phrases, quotes, images borrowed.

these are a sampling of emails i've gotten from daily worth. their tagline is "financial therapy for women," but i like to think of it as a mini kick in the pants.

i learned about daily worth from (get ready) my sister's husband's cousin's mother's friend's daughter. totally for real. i was thrilled to pieces (that's for reals, too) b/c i was very much at a place where i needed external reminding, prodding and brutal honesty. like many of you, i can't accept it from just anyone in my life b/c i'm often too proud or emotionally involved to admit my shortcomings and the fact that i devalue myself. but the truth of the matter is, if i have not met my goals for the hour, the day, the week, the year or my life, then i have work to do! and holy hell, i better know what those goals are, how to get there and how to temper the work with loving and living to make it all worthwhile. the daily worth isn't an easy button or a magic wand, but it IS on-point with women in business and will set you straight about your financial responsibility to yourself. do you see yourself in any of these quotes?

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  1. thanks for that “mini kick in the pants!” it seems everything thing i read lately is speaking directly to me. i’ll definitely be checking out that site and kicking myself in the pants on a daily basis!

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