friday scout out: comfy pants


  1. cambium gauchos organic cotton pants from xylem clothing, $68
  2. chill realm lounge pants from herban devi, $52
  3. custom stretch yoga pants from wildewear, $55
  4. custom folded waist pants from treehouse 28, $70 
  5. flare stripe organic soy cotton pants from dancing tree creations, $70
  6. gauzy cotton turkish pants from larime loom, $78
  7. goa pants in organic cotton/hemp from gaia conceptions, $75

3 thoughts on “friday scout out: comfy pants

  1. It’s funny you mention treehouse28, I found them a couple of months ago looking through your archives and got my husband to buy me the little black dress top.
    It’s great that is is made to fit you, can’t wait till Christmas day…I am sure it will look fabulous on!
    I certainly have had a merry etsy Christmas this can’t beat buying home-made!

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