friday scout out: ampersand


  1. handstamped, distressed mini tags from maximum mess, $2.75
  2. 'and per se and' zine – aesthetics in scientific data – from artloaf, $3
  3. 'epershand' pendant on a sterling silver rolo chain from isette, $24
  4. recycled felt applique pillow from alexandra ferguson, $65
  5. limited edition screenprinted pillow cover from aunty cookie, $45  
  6. typography bracelet from kapcity, $25

montage inspired by the lovely jewelry found at Isette

9 thoughts on “friday scout out: ampersand

  1. Love this collection! My husband’s side business is called Ampersand Industries–the ampersand was the only thing that could logically tie together all the things he does! I’m thinking he might like an & pillow from Aunty Cookie for his office chair for Father’s Day…

  2. these are marvelous!! and i never gave a thought before this to the provenance of ‘ampersand’ – now it makes complete sense!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my tags. The ampersand is such a classic and simple statement. You have a great blog! It’s full of amazing handmade items and inspiration.

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