the best of scoutie girl 2010: free ebook!

Truth be told, I’m really proud of some of the things I’ve written here over the last year. And I’m willing to bet you haven’t read all of them.

What really interested me was the overall narrative that emerged: creative living, social action, mindful spending. So I compiled my favorite posts of the year, the ones that got the most Tweets or shares, the ones that had the most impassioned comments, and, well, a few that I just really liked into a free ebook you can download, print, and share.

And I also included 2 worksheets – one that I casually mentioned before and another that is brand new: an Energy Inventory & a Creative Action Road Map.

Okay, enough chit chat – download the ebook here.

Want to really help me out as I move into the New Year? Share this ebook with your friends, your network, and any book agents you know!

And don’t forget that more free goodness can be had by taking my Creating Action ecourse. You get 8 exclusive email lessons – and then more exclusive content delivered to your inbox each week.

26 thoughts on “the best of scoutie girl 2010: free ebook!

  1. I just wanted to say that this was a great and inspiring ebook! I just finished reading the whole thing and now working on the worksheets. I am determined to be successful in 2011! Thank you so much. :)

  2. Thanks for the e-book. I admit, I was skeptical when I first signed up for your action emails. I had given up on ‘coaching’ types of training, because it seemed so much was fluffy hype with no substance. But your stuff is more practical.

  3. Tara – thanks for the ebook – just read it again the SECOND time…and I believe it’s something I will continue to reference as I could relate to many of your chapters…so well written! I am blessed to have found you and say THANK YOU for all your inspirations you share with us! Happy Holidays and many blessings in 2011!!!

  4. thank you!
    thank you!
    thank YOU!!

    downloaded and anxious to read
    as i sit and reflect on 2010 and dream big for 2011.

    thank you for your generous spirit and inspiration


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