for your weekend: grit & moxie

grit & moxie

To have a dream is one thing. But to live it is another. It takes grit * moxie * spirit * passion * a fiery determination to make it happen and the courage to stand loudly and proudly in the world you’ve created for yourself.

— Aimee Dolich, Artsyville

Hell yes.

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6 thoughts on “for your weekend: grit & moxie

  1. Tara, I thank you! Your blog is full of inspiration, motivation and education. I know I will find the words I’m looking to hear to help keep me motivated when I visit this blog. And so I thank you for doing what you do and for putting so much hard work, dedication and heart into this fabulous blog of yours!

  2. Hello there Tara!

    I found your blog a while ago, but Kellie at 74 LimeLane reminded me to come back, and how happy I am that I did!

    I signed up and am looking forward to the course!

    Thanks for all the great inspiration!

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