For a good cause: Etsy Project Embrace

Etsy Project Embrace

Here is one more thing why I love Etsy and Etsians: they support each other, and they can unite for helping someone in need.

Have you heard about the Etsy Project Embrace? Kim and other Etsy sellers started this project because their friend, Laura, was diagnosed with cancer and they want to raise money for the American Cancer Society for cancer research and promote awareness in support of Laura. Their initiative was heard by many: lots of Etsy sellers gathered to help. The form of the help is quite simple: they donate a certain percantage of the price of each goodie tagged with “etsyprojectembrace” in their shop.

This way or another, almost all of our families are effected by cancer…so why not help? Who knows, maybe we can contribute somehow to a more effective fight against cancer by purchasing from those taking part in Etsy Project Embrace.

one. earrings by wild woman jewelry
two. mosaic tray by sig mosaics
three. necklace by fleurfatale
four. thyme pot by cityroad

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