Food is Good for the Soul

Food is Good for the Soul

I’ll admit it. I’m a self-proclaimed food lover. Often times, my husband and I specifically travel for the food. The restaurants we are interested in are typically found by talking to the locals; by exploring the nooks and crannies of the side streets off the beaten path.

We’ve never been disappointed with a review from a local. We’ve been lucky to meet some locals in various destinations who have introduced us to restaurants that tourists will never even hear about.

Those are the places we build memories.
Those are the places that create food so good we remember that moment forever.

Even if you’re a picky eater and don’t travel simply for the food (I know I’m likely in the minority when it comes to that), food is good for more than just nourishment and enjoyment.

Food is good for the soul.

Think about it. We often create our best memories over food. We remember grandma’s home-cooked cornbread at Thanksgiving dinner. Not only do we remember exactly how it tasted, but we remember our mood and laughing with family over a home-cooked meal. We remember always wanting to feel as we did in that exact moment in time.

We also remember baking with our kids after school and sharing a warm, straight-from-the-oven sugar cookie while they tell us all about their day. We even remember what happened that day at school for our kids, all because of that shared moment.

But, what do we not remember about these experiences over food? We don’t remember the deadline we had to meet at work the day before. We don’t remember the furniture needed dusting and the dogs needed a bath. We don’t remember the emails we needed to catch up on.

So, enjoy your holiday meals this year. Absorb the memories shared with your loved ones, and allow food to nourish your soul.

You’ll be glad you did years from now.

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