Flower power : Peonies and Your Creative Potential

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I couldn’t take my eyes of the bunch of peonies in the big glass jar across the room from me. I’d been wondering what to write for this column and then the message hit my heart in a flash. While I do often stare at flowers – I find their simple beauty captivating – this time it was something else.
I was, and still am rather amazed at their size. When I bought the peonies they were closed up, about the size of regular tulips, and dark pink. Now they are about ten times the size, pale pink, fluffy, and practically unrecognisable.

I had no idea they would do that; No idea at all.

And so this is the message:

Whatever external circumstance you find yourself in right now – work, life or love – it has no power to detract from the potential within you, none at all.

And neither is it an accurate predictor of your future experience, because that creative power belongs to you.

Just like the peonies bloomed as they released the potential within, your future will unfold beautifully as you begin to understand the nature of your interior world – thoughts, feelings, states of being, and work with your inherent potential. That’s it.

You have no idea what’s possible; No idea at all.

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