just another manic monday!

bleeding heart flower

i’ve been waiting for this monday since last monday. true story. i love mondays – little new beginnings that come around every 7 days.

anyways, i’ll be back in just a bit with part 3 of my short series on how the internet is shaping our creative process! but first i wanted to share some pretty pictures from my weekend.

oh – and june advertising is sold out. bummer. good news, there’s 2 packages now to get you through those pesky summer months!

2 thoughts on “just another manic monday!

  1. I enjoy following scoutiegirl. Living on the Island of Roatan, Honduras, in the Carribean Ocean, I too have a passion for color, and everything handmade. I fully expected to find tropical themed items in abundance here. Unfortunately, initially that wasn’t the case, but now thanks to people like Adam Hunt and his passion we now, not only have fun, bright handmade pieces to choose from, we also have local people learning a trade, garbage being recycled into art, and a sense of pride.


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