how to spark an attraction

You know that old cliche about how sometimes you might see someone and not be particularly attracted to that person, but then you get to know said possibly-unattractive person and because you grow to like him or her so much your attraction grows and somehow that person now seems very, very attractive to you?

Insert Flicker.

Flicker Sustainable Lamp by Randy Chiang

It’s one of those things that at first I wasn’t totally sold on at first glance, but then as I looked through designer/innovator Randy Chiang‘s Flicker portfolio/gallery and saw his thought processes come to light (pun so so not intended) and began to notice all the really thoughtful ways this lamp is eco-friendly, I started to love it so much.

Flicker Sustainable Lamp by Randy ChiangFlicker Sustainable Lamp by Randy Chiang

Flicker Sustainable Lamp by Randy Chiang

From the way the cord is coiled around the lighting apparatus so that it fits neatly inside the box for packaging (reducing packaging size and materials) to the surprisingly charming glow created by combining compact fluorescent bulbs with brown cardboard… I mean the guy had me by image 3 in his gallery: it shows that the instructions are printed right on the cardboard-slash-light itself (nicely depicted, too, I might add).

Flicker Sustainable Lamp by Randy Chiang

Ten minutes learning about this lamp and now I can’t unsee its awesomeness.

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