Five Practices to Stay Grounded During a Busy Season

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Soups are great healthful meals that offer nutrition – and leftovers!
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I’m a big advocate of creating intentional holidays. Most years, come December, I choose to practice what I dub “slow holidays” (think Slow Food meets Simple Living) – or at least I try to.

For many creative business owners, November and December are the busiest months of the year; taking it slow may not be the most financially viable option. In these cases, there are still great practices that can help make the season manageable, and hopefully even enjoyable!

These five practices have helped me stay grounded through busy times in the past. If you’re working a tight, full schedule during the next few weeks, they may come in handy for you, too.

Get Sleep

Feeling rested does wonders for clarity and focus, not to mention it’s great for the immune system. Try to get to bed early, and give yourself a bit of time to transition from high-functioning wake to sweet slumber at the end of each day. You’ll feel refreshed and ready for work bright and early the next day. And don’t forget the all-mighty power nap! Sometimes that’s all it takes to regroup; just be careful it’s not procrastination in its oft sly disguise.

Drink Water

I confess, my go-to drink when I want to be productive often involves caffeine, but when I’m feeling really sluggish it’s often because I’ve neglected my intake of good old H20. Just like sleep, water can do wonders for energy and mental clarity. Have a glass sitting on your desk for easy sipping. Make it a game and match each cup of coffee with one glass of water.

Eat Healthful Food

Eat decent, as healthful as possible meals. On some days it may mean two toasts with vegetables and hummus for dinner and on others, it might mean ordering a roasted chicken meal with a side salad or sweet potato fries. Fruit, nuts and pre-made salads are quick, healthful snack options. It’s all about keeping it simple and as healthy as possible without too much pressure for perfection.

Give Yourself Clean Breaks

“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.”

~ Ashleigh Brilliant

We all need time off, especially when things are hectic. Whether it’s for a full day or part thereof, break free from your work and find something fun to do. Have lunch with a friend, make art, take in a hike, enjoy live music, or curl up with a book. Give yourself a reboot & release.

Simplify Where You Can

Order takeout, buy healthful pre-made meals, hire someone to clean the house, ask family members to pitch in a little bit extra, or just let go of unrealistic expectations. Figure out where you could temporarily simplify things for the busy season, and do it. You can always go back to your usual M.O. afterward.

How do you cope with your busy season?

Do you temporarily shift some of your habits to meet the holiday rush? Are there any practices you keep sacred, that help you stay grounded?

3 thoughts on “Five Practices to Stay Grounded During a Busy Season

  1. Thank you for this advice! Since this is my first being an online entrepreneur on Etsy, I really needed this. Although when I read “take clean breaks” I thought it was going to talk about cleaning up my workspace. My studio looks like it threw up on itself. Glitter and jewels and itty bitty bits of flamingo art have multiplied in the corners. Then I read “just let go of unrealistic expectations.” and I felt better. I think that is the single most important thing to remember. Things will get back to normal eventually and “done” is better than “perfection” in this hectic season.
    (My Etsy site is where I am spending my time this season. My illustration site is

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