Five Little Moments to Savor Every Day

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“day 019” by H o l l y. – click for info

It was a Sunday, and I just rushed outside with the goal of washing my car in 15 minutes flat so I could head back inside to work feverishly on the next project that called my name.

That’s when one of the adorable 6-year-old twins who lives across the street from me rushed over to see what I was up to.

I’ve never been the type of adult who could blow off an inquisitive child. Especially not one who offered to help me trash the year’s worth of junk that was piled up in my car’s trunk.

Needless to say, the mission to wash my car in 15 minutes flat turned into more than an hour spent sitting in the grass in my front yard with both twins and their two older sisters chatting about books, TV shows, and practicing Spanish words.

The experience was a helpful reminder on how savoring little moments every day enrich my life, refill my creative well, and make me an infinitely more productive person.

Here are 5 little moments I hope to savor each day.

1. My first bite
If I must rush through lunch, I will at least take a moment to savor that first bite. I believe food should be enjoyed, cherished and enjoyed as it goes down.

2. Crossing items off my to-do list
If I’m having a bad day, I’ll make a to-do list of everything I’ve already accomplished for that day, wait a few minutes, and then cross those items off one-by-one. I’ll do this just for the feeling I get from marking them off, giving myself a definitive sign that I accomplished something.

3. A Reward
For me, it could be dark chocolate, Australian licorice, or some beer & queso dip from my favorite local spot, but I will reward myself often. I’ll reward myself when I finish a huge project; when I ROCK a consulting call; or if I make it through the week, or day without being arrested.

4. Bedtime
I call my bed my “happy place.” I assure you, at this point in my life, the reason for that name is purely non-sexual. I call my bed my “happy place” because when I get into my bed at night, I work very hard to leave any issues I have with my business OUT of that place.

I value sleep. Sleep should be appreciated, celebrated even. Sleep, for me, isn’t just something I do because I didn’t properly caffeinate or because I fell asleep on my laptop. Sleep is a much-valued practice for me.

5. A moment of nothing
I still get antsy when I’m not working towards a goal. I often feel like every thing I do, in life, should somehow relate back to my business.

I’ll enjoy moments of nothingness like my experience with my young neighbors recently. I would have missed that opportunity, if I’d not been open to a moment of nothingness. It enriched my day and it was savored.

What moments will you savor today?

4 thoughts on “Five Little Moments to Savor Every Day

  1. I do the same thing with my to-do list. Sometimes, I’ll put things like “shower” or “eat breakfast” on the to-do list, just so I can get the rush of crossing them off. Glad I’m not the only one!

  2. That first sip of coffee is always really, really nice, isn’t it? Warm and comforting. Listening to music first thing upon waking up is really great too. A whole night of silence and then beautiful voices and instruments filling my ears? Heaven. No better way to wake up than coffee and men screaming at me over heavy guitar riffs.

  3. I also cherish my sleeping time. I feel like cutting into sleep time to get things done is counterproductive. If I do not get enough sleep I move slow and make more mistakes, plus I am grumpy. Sleep should be savored!

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