Finding People That Fill Your Heart


The last few years, I’ve been longing for deeper friendships. The thing about friendship though, is that you have to have time to invest and follow through, and with school, I truly didn’t have time and I knew it. So, I plugged along hoping that when I was done with school that I could put time and energy into building relationships with other people.

And guess what? That’s what I’ve done the last couple of weeks, and my heart is so very full.

Last Monday, I grabbed coffee with this woman, whom I had class with a few years ago, and who I had always hoped to be friends with. She has this radiant energy, and is one of those people that does all of the things, and does them so well. She truly is a gem. She had invited me to her yearly Swedish Midsommar party that was on Saturday, and so of course, I went.

I will admit, that the introvert in me was a bit hesitant to go, and the day of I had to gently convince myself that if I went, I would have a good time. That, my friends, would be an understatement. I had an amazing time.

You know those times in life where you engage with people, and you have meaningful conversation, and leave feeling like your heart is going to burst? It was one of those nights.  It’s several days later and I’m still so grateful for the opportunity it gave me to show up and connect with people.

Personally, I don’t find those deep meaningful friendships as often as I would like,. However, I love when I  find them, because I’m reminded that they do exist, and that friendship can be this really great heart warming experience.

So, if you’re longing for deeper friendships, keep looking. When you find them, your heart will be so grateful.

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