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i “met” kate gatski, of gatski metal, when she emailed me about handmade in pa. the post i did on her & her husband’s amazing recycled metal sculptures, home decor, & jewelry was one of the most popular on the site.

the gatskis have a clear point-of-view, springing from their background in sustainable agriculture and being realized in the art they create from old farm machinery. they are clearly passionate about what they do and about what it represents to the rest of the world.

kate gatski is the inaugural interview for the “finding passion” series!

you’re an craftswoman, a mom, an agricultural activist…what are you most passionate about right now?

Right now I am passionate about creating a new line of Gatski objects. I have a creative itch. I am rendering imagery of our sculptures into functional fabric things like pillows, quilts and aprons. I am working on simple designs that combine our Gatski MetalGatski animals with stories and/ or words. Collaboratively, Ben and I are working on developing artisan food products (like sausage and cheese).

Our children are absolutely our top priority. They enjoy reminding us of that. They do not enjoy going about their play while Ben and I have a little “business meeting.” In the end though our children benefit from our business; it allows us to stay home with them. In turn they give us some powerful inspiration and drive.

what was one of the obstacles you had in the process of beginning gatski metal and making it a success?

We are not at all skilled at selling. On top of that we are selling something very unusual and, that can be hard to relate to. We have big dreams. At times it has felt like one big, huge mountain of learning; Learn, learn, learn. Thankfully, we’ve had a small but extremely committed and supportive group of customers.

Gatski Metal

how did you become so passionate about sustainable agriculture?

if you weren’t busy with all the job titles i mentioned above, what passion would you choose to pursue full-time?

I am extremely grateful to say that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing.

have a passion for your craft that stems from overcoming obstacles? drop me a line!

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