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cathe huynh-sison, the designer behind feterie, isn’t new to the pages of scoutie girl. but i was dying to know more about what makes her tick as a creator. in addition to designing beautiful stationery, wrapping paper, greeting cards, and other paper lovelies, cathe blogs about her creative journey at papercuts – a real archetype for blogging one’s inspiration & process.

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you’re stationery designer, a mom, a wife, a blogger, a traveler… what are you most passionate about right now? what really gets your juices flowing now?

I’m passionate about so many things, but I am most passionate about my family — my son, husband and the baby girl that we are about to welcome into the world in a few months. What always really get my juices flowing is when I do the most mundane thing in my daily life that suddenly sparks an idea (or multiple ideas). It can be taking a walk to the park with my son or trying to organize my schedule for the day, that I find inspiration.

tell me about an obstacle that you overcame in becoming a full-time creator.

As a designer, the business side of things such as sales and marketing is something that has been an constant obstacle. I’ve come to realize that I can design and develop as many products as I can, but if I don’t get out there and do the sales and marketing dance for it no one is going to know about it or want to buy! While I can’t say that I have overcome this obstacle, it is an on-going goal that requires development every single day.

your designs are crisp, clean, and modern: describe your process in designing a new product.

I’m a designer who likes to solve problems. Many times an idea for a product comes to me as a result of trying to figure out how to make something better or provide an alternative to an existing product. Usually, I think of the function first and then the form will follow. It’s a process that I have learned from design school that has really worked well with my process in developing a new product. As for my designs (I’m currently obsessed with creating patterns), I keep a sketchbook where I doodle and make notes about ideas. Many of these ideas can incubate in my brain for quite some time until they are ready. I call this the “doodling and noodling” phase. Once I feel that it is ready, I refine the design with the old school method of more paper and pen/pencil sketches before another further refinement (finally) digitally on the computer. The final steps is always fun for me because it involves mocking up the final product.

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what do you struggle with on a daily basis in living out your passion as a designer?

The work/life balance is a big daily struggle for me. Everyday is a different day, in which I wear a different hat at various times throughout the day solving different problems — whether it’s meeting a deadline for a project, setting time out to fill orders/make phone calls, taking my son to preschool or the park, or helping my parents with some sort of medical paperwork that needs translating. I call it my “Daily Circus.” There are at least 3 things that I can be found doing during the day and finding that balance (which I have yet to find) to equally tackle all of them is challenging. Sometimes I focus on one more than the other and the next day, I make an effort to make up for the one that was neglected. It’s not a perfect juggle, but it’s still an juggling act!

if you weren’t designing for a living, what passion would you like to pursue full-time?

Design is in my blood, the air I breathe in, and if I didn’t do it for a living I have no idea what else I would do. Perhaps if money was not an issue, I would travel part of the year because that is when I understand myself better and connect more with world, start an afterschool arts program because that is lacking in our public school system, open a gallery (because I have always wanted to), or even go back to school and be an architect! Whatever it is, it would be in the arts/design field.


you can find cathe’s “passion is” interview right here.
and you can purchase items from feterie in cathe’s online shop.

scoutie girl is looking to interview you! have a passion for art, craft, or design? let me know and your passion might be the one we find next!

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  1. cathe is the best ‘juggler’ I know ! I am truly inspired by her energy and constant optimism; she’s a joy of a person and wonderful designer. thanks for the interview : )

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