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Arosha handcrafted jewelry

arosha taglia, a native of italy now living in israel, strives to bring the art of communication to his craft. his jewelry speaks on many levels: high design, effortless beauty, and an attitude of strong femininity. each piece he creates is also born of his love of sculpting. you will find 3 distinct but related styles in his 3 online shops – click each image to be taken to the shop of your choice! i asked arosha to tell me more about how he found his passion for jewelry design:

Aroshatwists - handmade plastic jewelry

you’re currently working in metals, silk, and plastics. what technique/medium are you most passionate about right now? are you working on adding more techniques to your collection?

In my work, I already used almost every material possible. I like to pass from one to the other, as my intuition guides me. At the present, I particularly love my latest plastic collection, which is the most innovative line I’m working on. I’m also loving the silver collection, which enables buyers to have a good level product with an original, cutting-edge design.

tell me about an obstacle you overcame in becoming a full-time creator.

To be a full-time creator is always a jump into the unknown. The obstacles have usually been related to my difficulty of having to market my work, which is almost fully done of unique pieces and small collections. Most of my recent results should be attributed to my partner in work and life, that is managing with intelligence and attention the commercial part of my work, giving me freedom to develop the creative and technical part of my work.

your designs are innovative, modern, strong but distinctly feminine: describe your process in designing a new product.

I don’t follow a fixed structure. Some of my jewels are computer designed, but the majority are handmade. I follow all kinds of inspirations – some from nature, some from geometry, some from the material itself, some from an abstract idea, some from my work as a sculpture. I usually develop a theme in a few pieces, allowing the fantasy to be as free as possible. This is the reason why the dimension and shape of the jewels is often uncommon. I create for customers who love cleannes and uniqueness, that are not interested in brands but look for an artistic point of view.

handmade silk jewelry by arosha taglia

what do you struggle with daily in living out your passion for jewelry?

Creating jewelry is not my only passion.. I’m a very eclectic artist, and my work touches almost all the visual communication arts. So I alternate the jewelry design work with painting and sculpturing. I also practice meditation and I’m preparing a workshop that combines meditation, painting and theater as means of self-development. I think that living my life to its maximal intensity, and developing all the sides of my personality, is the best way to preserve my passion.

if you weren’t designing for a living, what other passion might you like to pursue full-time?

I’m proud to have the courage to do what I love most in life, and I challenge myself in many fields. The only other thing I would have been doing with pleasure is enjoying life and meditating on a far away tropical island.. Other than that – I’m living my life with passion and I’m passionate about everything I do.

to view each of arosha’s collections, click the corresponding image.

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  1. Arosha’s work clearly shows his passion for beauty and his technical skill – he creates work that is not only outstanding in it’s own right but that works with the person wearing it to enhance her beauty, making her feel at her best. Wonderful heartfelt interview.

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