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i love pins + paper because they have their finger on the pulse of craft and the pulse of technology. pins + paper is run by two sisters, working together on creating beautiful products for you, your home, and your biz. their skills are varied and their passion flows from the screen.

so, kristen, why do you blog?

I started our Pins + Paper blog to do something fun other than self-promote our store, I have a huge passion for supporting the arts and thought it would be not only fun to do but informative and encouraging to other crafters and artisans like myself. I’m an Art Educator by trade and love to share new happenings and informative articles. Our blog’s tagline says it all in a nutshell: exploring craft, loving handmade, and supporting artisans. My favorite mediums are paper goods, bookbinding and sewing so paper and fabric-related tutorials and features is what you’ll see on blog as well as local artisans in the area I’m currently living in(I move around the country a lot with my husband who is in the Navy).

and how has blogging influenced the way you create?

Exploring the web for content for our blog has really inspired me to new ways of thinking about how I make my products, how I acquire supplies for my shop, how I market myself and manage our business. There are so many wonderful resources out there that are free and even though I have to search for most of these things myself, it’s worth taking the time to do research and exploration outside of your studio. And also, looking beyond your own form of art-making will help keep your ideas fresh, too. It’s like what I tell my students when I teach painting: if you want to become a great landscape painter… “Don’t go looking for great landscape paintings in the library that were done by another artist to inspire you as your work will always look like it belongs to someone else. Instead, go outside and explore the world around you to find your own landscape to paint.”

now, put down your pins and paper, and go check out pins + paper.

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