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pardon me for cutting this one a bit short… but just trust me when i say that the long thread is another great blog for combining craft, family, and handmade shopping.

hey, ellen, why do you blog?

I started The Long Thread as a way to promote my machine embroidery business several years ago, but it was really about sharing my love for handmade goods since I never felt quite right about the self-promotion aspect. I never became passionate about machine embroidery, but I found that I loved to find and share inspiration online. One of my flaws is that I do care what other people think, so perhaps blogging is a way to seek approval from others. My husband has called it my daily affirmation. Something like that. These days, I consider crafting, sewing and blogging as a career since I am currently working on a sewing book for Chronicle Books.

and how has blogging influenced the way you create?

Blogging has utterly transformed my creative life. I never would have considered myself creative or even crafty a few years ago. Having a blog helps keep me focused and motivated to create on a regular basis. I also enjoy creating with my kids and love it when the kids say “Look what I made. Can you put it on your blog, Mommy?” What a different world from our days as kids. I recognize that the notion of blogging may seem self-indulgent and detached, but a blog can connect you with like-minded people all around the globe, allowing you to discover and share ideas instantly.

2 thoughts on “finalist #7 :: the long thread

  1. Nice to meet you ellen! Hah! My 8 year old is often asking me to take a picture and blog about something he’s made! I hope he’s doing that because he loves to share his creations like I do, and desperately hope it isn’t because he’s not getting enough attention from me because I spend too much time glued to the computer screen!

  2. the tin can wrapped in ribbon is the cutest office accessory i have ever seen. i am now forced to leave my house, go buy scads of ribbons and wrap everything in site!
    thanks for the wonderful post, of course! but that tin can will haunt me til i make one for sure!

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