finalist #4 :: love, natalie

love, natalie

the next blog in the finals for the handmade olympics is love, natalie. natalie describes herself as a modern day housewife, no kids – but a supportive “partner in crime” who fuels her passion for all things handmade & beautiful! natalie has come through a lot of adversity and, i think, her appreciation of the world around her is a reflection of that.

so, natalie, why do you blog?

I blog because it is a creative way to express my art, passion for design and all things handmade in hopes that it will inspire others in the way its inspired me.

and how has blogging influenced the way you create?

Where do I start! Being active in the blogging world has opened doors to creativity I could of never imagined. Seeing all of the inspiration out there, thinking about how I can incorporate that into my blog and then further into my art, has my wheels constantly turning. Being able to put everything out there that I create in a very public environment has made me a stronger designer because I know that I have to put out work that is true to myself and my heart. I don’t have a boss looking over my shoulder critiquing what I do anymore, so I have to try my hardest to bring out my own strengths as a designer. Relying on yourself always makes you stronger.

head over to love, natalie and see for yourself!

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