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nicole brings a graphic designer’s eye, a jewelry maker’s savvy, and a whole lot of personality to her blog, lillyella. lillyella is packed full of really fabulous tutorials, like this one she wrote for sg back in december, tons of design inspiration, yummy recipes, and artist interviews. this blog is not lacking in content! finally, nicole is a diehard supporter of the handmade movement and this community we call home.

so, nicole, why do you blog?

First and foremost, I blog to support the handmade community. To promote fellow artists and inspire new ones to do what they love and support those who already are. I blog to spread the word about what I love and why I love it, because there’s too much talent and beauty in this world to keep it to yourself. I blog to share the millions of ideas bouncing around in my head and to find new ones in return. I blog because I’m passionate, and I just can’t contain it.

and has blogging helped you to accomplish anything you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do?

Certainly, and not just in regards to myself. For me, I know my Etsy shop wouldn’t be half of what it is without the additional traffic blogging has helped me gain. But more importantly, I’d love to believe the same goes for all of the other artists I feature, that blogging has opened doors which otherwise may have remained closed.

click on over to lillyella to find out more about nicole and get inspired!

all images borrowed from lillyella

2 thoughts on “finalist #3 :: lillyella

  1. I keep clicking on links to all these beautiful pages with such wonderful, colorful pictures. I’m not used to searching through blogs, so I kind of feel like, “Where am I?” But there is a lot of beautiful stuff wherever it is!

  2. Thanks for introducing us to yet another beautiful blog! I whole-heartedly agree with Nicole that blogging is a way to get those “millions of ideas” out and bring new ideas in. It certainly helps keep me sane by just giving me an outlet to express things that I may be to shy or uncertain to express in other ways. It’s given me immense confidence and is of course an endless source of inspiration. Thanks again Tara, I can’t wait to see what other blogs you’ll introduce us to this week!

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