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do you love hawt graphic design & fabulous paper products? you’ll love twig & thistle. this blog is all about making life special, the touches – big & small – that add that little bit of pretty. and kathleen, the editor & designer of twig & thistle, is very good at that.

so, kathleeen, why do you blog?

As a graphic designer, I am constantly searching for and gathering inspiration, blogging is a way for me to retain and catalog many of the things I come across. I also love all things crafty and love to share many of my own projects with my readers. It’s a thrill to be able to share my interests with an online community.

and how has blogging influenced the way your create?

This is really interesting question and made me take a step back and think. I tend to design and do crafts that require a lot of time and patience and are very detail oriented. I’ve learned through past projects however, that most people prefer something that’s a little easier and less time consuming. I definitely consider the whole process now and don’t design just for myself. I always try to think of how I would best explain something and make it as easy as possible.

Secondly, as a blogger, I’m more and more aware of what other blogs are doing so I try to create new things that I haven’t already seen. It’s a challenge but it helps me be creative and push myself to be original.

you simply must check out twig & thistle if you like fancy parties, casual gatherings, tiny touches, grand flourishes, and a certain joie de vivre.

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