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say yes to hoboken craft blog

say yes to hoboken is a new blog to me but it was love at first site. the layout is clean, modern, and lovely. the writing is warming and inviting. the resources are many.

and the balance between life, family, design, and craft is just luscious.

liz stanley, the editor, writes about her family, including son hank, cooking, handmade goodies, and design. she has a fabulous section of diy projects and tutorials, some her own and many gathered from around the web. i’m quite convinced a little fairy must whisper in her ear where the most fabulous projects are.

so – liz, why do you blog?

I love blogging. It’s such a fun and creative outlet for me. Although it is a source of a little income for me, it’s mostly just for fun and I really look forward to the time I set aside for blogging everyday. It’s always hard to tear myself away from it. Plus I’ve met some great people through blogging and love that comradery between fellow bloggers.

and how has blogging influenced the way you create?

It’s given me an incredible source of creative inspiration. There is so much wonderful inspiration found on the internet and I love spending time sorting through it and sharing it with others. The blogging community is so willing to share their ideas, their process and their sources. It’s such an unbelievable resource for inspiration.

click on thru to say yes to hoboken and see what i mean!

all images borrowed from say yes to hoboken

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  1. i love ‘say yes to hoboken’, i’ve been reading pretty well since it began, and i love liz’s aesthetic + her style. good luck in the handmade olympics!

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