i fell off my bike

steel bicycle pendant

steel bike pendant by bethtastic

I fell off my bike. Into a creek no less.

I got very wet. And only slightly more embarrassed.

I considered not telling you. But then I thought, we’re friends and I’ve told you a lot crazier stuff.

On a side note, I just found this crazy cool steel bike pendant at bethtastic. Check it out.

For the record, the bridge didn’t have sides.

Further, I had no business trying to ride over it.

12 thoughts on “i fell off my bike

  1. Lol, oh my goodness, thank you for this wonderful little morning laugh. I have so many funny falling bike stories, so many. Maybe this is what I’ll write about this morning :)

    I hope you weren’t hurt. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Haha, oh, I tried not to laugh. I hope you are okay! I know bike wipe outs very well!

    Once, I was riding home from my old day job (which actually ended at 10pm) and my bike tire got stuck in a streetcar track and I literally tipped sideways down in slow motion. The worst part was there was a bar full of people right in front of me and they all saw the whole thing and laughed at me.

    But sorry that you fell! Into the creek! Try again!!!

  3. Yeah, I ran into a telephone pole and fell on my bike once (NOT when I was a child, but a 40-year-old woman! Embarrassing!)

    And I LOVE the pendant! So clever!

  4. Na, you had every ride to ride that bridge any kid would have done, and don’t forget we’re all just big kids really. Just glad to hear you weren’t too badly hurt.

  5. Oh no! It’s worse than my story… I once rode my bike directly into the trunk of a big tree! And banged my head on the trunk! I was a bit distracted.

  6. Comes with the territory…more things ahead. After a while it’ll be like “oh, well” or “oops!” and “uh, that was close!” and so and so forth. Who knows, you might become a real toughie! I sure did…after a few falls and bangs and bumps.

  7. Next time try this: Look straight ahead to where you want to go. Good rule for life is “where you look, you will go”.

    I learned this the hard way from whitewater kayaking on the river. I’ve blundered into more gnarly holes in my kayak by looking INTO them. The experience has been like the wash cycle…..tumble, rinse, spin, tumble again…..
    Glad you are ok!

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