Fearless: Wowed by an Effervescent Pre-schooler

Fearless Ring by HeartCoreDesign. Click image for details
Fearless Ring by HeartCoreDesign. Click image for details

I was on a bus on the way to the nearest tube station. Leaning back into my seat I drifted off, daydream awaiting. Something drew my attention, though, and my gaze turned to the window. Looking out I saw a little girl jump on her pink scooter — quite literally jump — and then scoot off. She looked like she was snowboarding, except she was on the pavement, not the slopes.

Mesmerised by her fearlessness, I pondered the message being played out. This effervescent pre-schooler didn’t know I was watching her, and that her life was powerfully impacting mine. I was both humbled, and enthused. She was what? All of three years old? Wow.

Later as I sat with an artist friend sipping on hot tea — me, hindu holiday, and her, lemongrass and ginger — we got to talking about our solo travel adventures. She, ironically, was going on an end-of-season snowboarding trip. While we both love traveling with others, we don’t think twice about leaving on a jet plane all on our own when the spirit moves us. Some would describe that as being fearless, because they would never dream of crossing the globe for an adventure without someone else in tow.

But just like that amazing child, we’re just being ourselves, living our wild and wonderful lives, rubbing shoulders with the romance of the ride.

What fearless part of yourself have you barely noticed? Who might be watching?

p.s. When I checked up fearlessness in the dictionary, I found this example sentence: ‘Her fearlessness ┬áseemed to come from a total lack of self-doubt.’ I couldn’t help but smile.

14 thoughts on “Fearless: Wowed by an Effervescent Pre-schooler

  1. You just speak out my mind!
    I love traveling alone as well and I enjoy it so much, while other people seemed to think that I am fearless…
    I just love what I do :)

  2. For me, it’s my willingness to experiment and MacGuyver my way through my designs. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, ‘You can’t do that with a microtorch and paperclips,’ I’d be rich.

  3. This really spoke to me today. Thank you for sharing it! I used to be quite fearless, but since graduating from university, I can feel myself slipping into self-doubt. I’ll be more aware of it now… :)

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