Faythe Levine: Handmade Nation

Handmade Nation

faythe levine is a tireless champion of diy, handmade, art, & craft. her book, handmade nation, documents the rise of the modern craft movement, including a timeline, interviews & profiles of major players, and essays on the philosophy of craft.

beginning in 2006, faythe traveled the country interviewing a veritable who’s who of indie craft. the result is now a documentary film by the same name.

if you’re in the philadelphia area or in town for this weekend’s buyer’s market, you can view a screening of handmade nation at the pennsylvania convention center. advanced tickets are on sale at art star. after the screening, there is q & a with faythe. i was super lucky to have my q’s a’d early!

Faythe Levine

we’re big on *passion* at scoutie girl! passion is often the result of trial or struggle. what obstacles did you overcome to produce handmade nation?

Handmade Nation was and is a labor of love. There were a number of obstacles in producing the film the main one being financing. But I just worked with what I had available and made a DIY film about a DIY community.

what did you learn about the DIY movement while filming that you didn’t know before?

I learned that our community reaches more people then I had originally thought. It also inspires, encourages and excites people who are just learning about it. DIY and craft are both contagious actions!

if you weren’t a diy entrepreneur, what other passion would you pursue full-time?

I would pursue learning spanish, learning how to weave, spending time making zines and printing photographs that I take on a daily basis. Basically nothing too far off from what I am doing now. I avoid working any job with a regular schedule and any job where I don’t respect who I’m working for and if possible, I’d prefer to not have a boss.

what artists/designers/crafters are you passionate about right now?

I love the work of so many people but a few of my current fav’s are Micaela O’Herlihy, Maya Hayuk, Monica Canilao, Mandy Greer and Xander Marro.

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