Fall in Europe

Though it is still hot and sunny outside, Europe – and I guess the whole hemisphere – is preparing for fall. European indie designers have collected their brand new products into one post over their blog, Handmade Europe, here are some of them as a teaser.

As Europe being a multicultural place, there is not one single trend one can follow regarding European designs. For example those living in colder countries like Latvia or Norway, offer a wide variety of felted clothes and accessories. From the central part of Western Europe, like Switzerland and Belgium, simple designs come with a little, often very feminine twist. However, one thing maybe common: colors. Soft colors like pale purple and blue, ivory and beige can be found in most of the designs. Which means from a practical point of view that wherever your browser may take you in Europe, one can find a variety of products in matching colors.






See more colorful, warm, happy and fluffy designs from European etsy sellers on Handmade Europe!

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