f is for frank – and they get an A+

yesterday, Jena from Modish conducted a virtual lab on etsy on "how to approach bloggers" – she did such a fab job addressing the crowd and hitting the important points. i thought i'd grab one of my submissions to underscore some of what she said in her presentation. while preferences may vary from blogger to blogger, i will show you why the submission below from f. is for frank is perfect for *me* and my preferences.


  1. subject – clearly states a biz name & product type; very easy for me to find when i'm weeding through my folder with 50-75 saved emails.
  2. images – 4 small-sized attachments of good jpeg images; not high-res, not pdf! not every blogger wants attachments, but if you're going to do it, don't bog down their hard drive with HUGE 7 MB files or press kits or pdfs. if we want it, we'll ask for it. what i liked about these images is that Casey (the artist and emailer) seems to know i use more than 1 image per post – usually 4 in fact. so she attached 4 that i could pluck right from this email into my post if i wanted to. smart!!!
  3. salutation – she acknowledged me and my guest posters – seems as though she reads my blog enough to know it's not just me running the show! using the blogger's name is ideal, and this one wins points with me b/c it actually includes a personal salutation – and not some anonymous or general addressee or even none at all. boo to those!
  4. body of note – brevity & intrigue – gets right to the point, is confident, isn't pleading (ew!), includes quick facts, a highlight of something interesting about their work. enough good stuff here that i could use in a post, too.
  5. flattery – while Casey may say this to all the girls, i still love this extra sentence b/c i actually do work very hard to bring beautiful things to my blog – like most of us do. it's nice to have that acknowledged, or any other nice thing to let me know you actually have read or looked at my blog! and another confident albeit veiled statement about her work b/c she's letting me know her work is in-line with the beautiful work i feature.
  6. closing – full, real names of the artists included. i like to know who i'm dealing with – that there's a real person behind the work. you should always, always, always sign your name if it's your first introduction to someone. i personally think it's thoughtless and aloof to not include your full name. PLUS, don't you want full recognition for your work? if you're worried about your name being out in the public domain on the world wide web, then you need to rethink your career. just my humble opinion.
  7. links – clickable links!!! this is the most important part of the entire note! it's like so 1993 to not hotlink your URL in an email. seriously, hyperlinking is your friend b/c it takes me a split second to click on it.

and b/c their submission was so delightful, it made my job to post about their work just as delightful! thank you Casey!


the jewelry collections by f. is for frank are designed, sculpted, cast and perfected by hand. artists Casey Melton and Shannah Frank are well-known for their custom and stock pewter drawer pulls and doorknobs. they used those same techniques to experiment with jewelrymaking in their downtime, and voila! love the woodgrain & organic patterns and the natural antique finish they add to their jewelry. substantial but subdued pieces – great translation of ideas. and they can customize just about anything!

from f. is for frank

11 thoughts on “f is for frank – and they get an A+

  1. Thanks for the post! While I’m not in in crafting or blogging business, I do find that so many people really don’t understand the value of a well-crafted email. Email an essential communication tool, yet so many people don’t know how to maximize it’s potential.

  2. I found this link through the comments section of the recent Design Sponge article also on this subject.

    Excellent visual here. Being an artist – it is fantastic to have ideas visually broken down.

    f. is for frank is right that you have many beautiful things on your blog – glad to have found you.

    Thank you for taking time to share both great information and designs with us.

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