Eye-liner, Cartoons, and Changing the Status Quo

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A while ago I got some photos back from some old camera film. Some of them were silly head shots. They were taken in fun, and a bit topsy turvy, but my eyes looked great. This was because of the swipe of bold black eyeliner across each lid, which had an opening effect. I have the kind of eyes that disappear when I smile.

So it got me to thinking how a little tweak, addition, or subtraction can open, make space, reveal something more, or change what was previously perceived.

Every day there is a morsel of wisdom, inspiration, encouragement, and maybe even a loving chastisement in mundane activities and snatched observations.

That’s what I love about life: things can always feel better and then get better with the right adjustment.

Growing up watching reruns of the iconic Tom & Jerry cartoons I was constantly amazed at how Tom always got flummoxed by the small but mighty-in-valour, Jerry. I confess, I wished that just once Tom would trounce the pesky mouse. Is that bad? It was the same story, no matter how many times you watch a Tom & Jerry cartoon, you know how it’s all going to end. Right?

Tom always did the same thing. He never switched things up. So the story always stayed the same (great for Jerry).

I know of fabulous stories that have stood the test of time, and continue to change countless lives. Right now, however, I’m zooming in (or is that out?) on the stories we’ve woven for ourselves.

If our stories are working for us, great. But when it is time for change, it can feel like the adjustment has to be huge, doesn’t it? “Give up that.” “Start doing this.” Stuff that for a game of soldiers, I’ll stay put. Right?

What I’ve found, though, is a lot of the time it just involves either me saying “yes” (usually it’s this) to what I want or to what will take me in the direction of what I want, or “no” to what I don’t want or to what will take me away from what I want.

And that’s how a story starts to turn, with a little change in direction.

Too late for Tom, though.

What little activity brought refreshing insight for you today? What story changed? What stayed the same? Have you said “yes” or “no” to anything lately?

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