embroidered pillows


made from linen and thrifted, vintage fabrics with details that are freehand machine embroidered onto each pillow. 
from leililaloo

i loved both of these artists' work so much that i couldn't choose between them for a feature. freehand machine-embroidery is fascinating to me b/c you don't have a lot of wiggle room for your stitch placement (nor time to decide on such placement b/c that needle's comin' whether you like it or not)…so you don't really get second chances. hats off to both of you for such nice work! wouldn't they make a nice pairing together – so you don't have to choose between them either!

made from wool and silk dupioni, these pillows are appliqued, freehand machine embroidered and beaded one-by-one.
from bridget davies


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