embracing the joy of abundance: the art of earning

In just a couple of weeks, entrepreneurs from all over the country will be attending and tuning in virtually to The Art of Earning LIVE in Philly. One of those fantastic folks is L’Erin Alta-Devki, who took some time recently to share how the ideas behind The Art of Earning have changed her business – and her life.

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When I worked for Microsoft, the biggest, most successful software company on the planet, I brought home a beautiful paycheck and despised every other aspect of my job. I’ve also worked for small, community-focused non-profits whose work I loved but who paid me so little, I had to get second (and sometimes third) jobs to keep a roof over my head.

In my world there seemed to be only two options: compromise my dreams, be miserable, make great money OR stick to my guns, be fulfilled, and flounder financially.

I knew a happy middle ground existed; I just needed a roadmap to help me get there.

Enter “The Art of Earning,” Tara’s brilliant love letter to the capitalist world. This glowing dispatch laserbeams through fluff and fat to illuminate the wild, pulsing truth at the heart of the matter: We all deserve to be happy, to transform the world with our gifts, to embody a relationship to wealth that ignites who we think we are and what we’re on the planet to do. We ARE the helm of the new economy.

This ain’t about squeezing into the little cages someone else marked ‘Success’ and hoping that happiness eventually comes along.

“The Art of Earning” is about centering me, my dreams and my passions in the core of my contributions. It is about sharing my most sacred gifts and most holy offerings as part of the global stimulus package. These experiences transform people’s lives, make me radiate with unbridled joy, AND allow generating money to be a beautiful, fulfilling, revolutionary process.

Tara is a rock star teacher, a visionary philosopher and compassionate money evolutionary, blazingly changing the way we understand ourselves, our worth and our roles in creating abundance.

L’Erin Alta-Devki is the freedom muse and life alchemist extraordinaire at SisterFire. She helps women harness their power and create lives they love.
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The Art of Earning LIVE is Tara’s most complete business training to date: a day long workshop in the heart of Philadelphia. Join us from the comfort of your home office or kitchen table. Virtual tickets are on sale until Tuesday, February 21.

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