embracing abundance :: breaking the scarcity mindset

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when i was about 10, my dad left our family.

and while broken families would soon become quite normal, in my grade & group of friends, i was the first to go through the process. one of the greatest lessons i learned from this time in my life was how to embrace abundance. even though my dad leaving took the vast majority of income away from our family, even though we were forced to down size from a beautiful newly built home to a home bought out of bankruptcy court that my mother & community moms spent weeks cleaning to make fit for habitation, even though shopping became a vastly different affair, i never felt that resources were scarce.

my family lived a life of abundance.

my mom never said “we can’t afford that” or “that’s too expensive” – or if she did it’s certainly not the part i remember! i went to basketball camp and softball camp and church camp and music camp. i had piano lessons and new trendy clothes. we always had a computer. and i never doubted for a second that i would go to the best college that i could get into and wanted to attend.

scarcity wasn’t even an option in my mind.

now my mom isn’t a lawyer or a doctor or even an assistant with a steady job. she was a seamstress who worked from home & was her own boss (a luxury that was her own abundance). she learned to never accept no – or “too much” – as an answer. i learned that i could have whatever i wanted and go wherever i wanted to go as long as i was creative about it. i learned that when you gave a lot you got a hell of a lot more back in return. i learned that if you embrace abundance, you’ll be more abundant than you can imagine!

as i’ve grown, i’ve continued to embrace abundance – and that’s why i get to do what i do here everyday. i never thought for a moment that this wouldn’t work. i didn’t let my husband get me down, i didn’t let friends get me down, i didn’t let myself get me down. i knew could create success and i lived every day as if i was already successful (with a smaller budget, of course!). when i made one level of reality a success, i focused on a higher level and i embraced that abundance & embodied that success.

embracing abundance gives us the mindset that we need to live our goals while we’re achieving them.

but that’s WAY too much about me. i’m piggybacking, this beautiful friday afternoon, on the post i wrote last week with my opinions on being a thriving artist. thank you all for the wonderful comments – so many of you obviously see yourselves as thriving. but i just couldn’t stop there after reading dave navarro’s post on breaking the scarcity mindset. while there is so much positivity in our creative community, i just can’t help but get caught up on the scarcity mentality that i hear from so many artists trying to breakthrough.

stop trying already. kick the damn door down.

these are the four beliefs that dave uses to outline his path for escaping scarcity:

* First, the specific belief that there are plenty of people out there who are willing to exchange money for something of value.
* Second, the specific belief that you can offer something of value.
* Third, the specific belief that you can communicate that value to the people willing to pay for it.
* Fourth, the specific belief that you can make an offer – right now (or very soon) – that can generate the money you want to have.

now, perhaps your goal isn’t money. side note: we all need to make a living – so if your goal is money right now, embrace it and don’t let others tell you that’s not okay. perhaps your goal is clout, authority, friends in high places, exposure, gallery space, art classes, etc… you can substitute any of those things that you wish you had in abundance into those four beliefs.

forget all the i-wishes and if-onlys and make a choice today that embraces the abundance that you already have and the abundance that is right around the corner. and then walk around the corner and pummel that abundance into submission too.

now i’m quite certain (cause i embrace my own abundance that makes me think that you actually care what i have to say) that you’ve already thought of those one or two things (a new job, quitting your old job, materials, a new website, a blog post, an advertising budget, a friend, a class…) that you need in order to take the next step. do me a big favor, leave it in the comments. i want need to know what doors your breaking down tomorrow today.

142 thoughts on “embracing abundance :: breaking the scarcity mindset

  1. might be the best blog post i’ve ever read.
    feels like it was written directly to me.
    but i bet a lot of folks will feel exactly the same.
    i think the door i need to break down is believing i am a legitimate artist, not a hobbyist.
    i think the actual physical manifestation that will help me to believe that, is to find the darn time and then do the work! to pull together a small collection i love, that i feel speaks my artistic vision. i know i’ve been putting things off b/c i don’t feel enough pride in my current body of work….right or wrong…..that’s what i have to KICK!

    1. oh, stephanie – thank you :)

      i want to challenge you, though, not to find the time to create a collection that you’re proud of, but to know that what you’ve already created has a ton of value (artistically & financially). stop thinking about the value you will create (because i have no doubt that you will) but to make the decision today – right now – that you are already overflowing in work that will make your dreams come true.

      you’re an artist – and a perfectionist – can i ask you to take off those hats for a bit a think like a salesman? i hope that doesn’t sound cold. but you can sell – market – promote what you have now, as is!

  2. tara this is a beautiful post. that our attitudes and beliefs help create the outcomes we experience is so true. for anyone who is struggling – they’re in my thoughts, but my hope is that they’ll believe just like you’re encouraging them to do, keep believing and do what it takes to find their success!

    my list is perhaps too long to share here, but it includes enjoying and being thankful for what i already have going on and being committed to that – then also reaching out into many new areas!!

  3. What a brilliant and timely post for me right now. I never had the abundance mindset until recently. I am now for the first time in my life, reprogramming my thoughts to see prosperity and abundance gathering around me right now. What I want more than anything is the ability to be more generous. So I’m taking steps right now to give of myself in more creative ways. Through my blog, through my charity, through my family. When my 5 yo started saying, “I bet we can’t afford that, can we Mom?” I knew that I had to stop spreading that poison and make a change. So I’m the change.

    Some of the things I’m manifesting right now are more materials, yes, an advertising budget, quality childcare, and the material means to be generous.

    Thanks for this.

    1. hi angela! that you so much for sharing! i think the generosity thing is key and has also been on my mind a lot. i had a few more jobs than usual in january so i made a small donation to both the haiti relief effort & finally joined my locally public radio station.

      and then i got more jobs than i could possibly imagine!

      coincidence? sure – probably some. but taking that step definitely took my own abundance mindset to a new level. so maybe taking that leap of faith can be good for you too. thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. this is fantastic, tara! beyond words! and so so empowering!

    right now i really need to break down the doors of negativity and fear. in the past few months, i have come to realize just how much those little nagging thoughts of fear and/or negativity are holding me back from being the best designer/friend/girlfriend/daughter/aunt/sister and PERSON i can be! while i think many would consider me brave…i KNOW that if i can conquer my thoughts of fear and negativity, i can be even better, go farther and do more!

    1. hey krista! thank you so much :) i wonder if it is just coincidence that so many of the roles you listed are feminine roles? anyhow, i won’t wish you luck since that’s definitely not what this post is about. i KNOW you can reach your goals. go get ’em!

  5. Love this post!!!!!!!

    I do agree that the more you are open to and give the more you get back. And it holds true to everything, not just money. And when I get into a jealous mood over someone else’s success, I have to stop and think about all the hard work they’ve put in to get there too and that there is enough abundance in the world to go around. My time will come.

    I just finished ordering more supplies for my new yet-to-be revealed (even to me!) line. I’ve been getting a lot of orders lately of current stuff and have been procrastinating on the new line, so I’m going for it, the wheels are turning. Now I’m off to design said line.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. jill! i’ve been procrastinating on my next project too πŸ˜‰ but i’ve got my wheels a turning as well and hope to make an announcement in the next 2 weeks. can’t wait to see your new line!!

  6. Fabulous post! I agree with everything, it’s all true. It can be a struggle when the people around you are always telling you to “get a real job.” I find that you just have to committ 100%, and have the mindset everyday that you are working at a “real job” and you are receiving what you need and expect from your work on a daily basis. Magically things tend to happen, when you let go of all of the doubts and forge ahead with a clear goal.

  7. I’m so in love with this post. It is just what I needed. A few months ago, my husband let me quit my job to start my jewelry business. My biggest hurdles have been complacency and fear – I’m not “ready” yet to sell wholesale, or “business on Etsy will pick up soon, there’s not too much I can do about it.”

    Now, my husband has been accepted to business school and we are moving from Sacramento to Boston in six short weeks. I’ve been struggling with the fact that I will be the only one with an income, and I will have some huge decisions to make regarding my employment and my business.

    For the next six weeks, I’m going to work like HELL to get those wholesale contracts, get my jewelry into shops, and get my name out there. It’s make it or break it time!


    1. Jenni, Boston is a great place for artists and craftspeople! I hope you will be happy here. There is lots of inspiration!

    2. hi jenni! yes that “not ready” excuse is one of my pet peeves πŸ˜‰ i hope you read the dave navarro article. there IS something RIGHT NOW that’s ready to go, valuable, and capable of bringing in the income you need. identify it & run with it!

      btw, if you’re looking to wholesale, check out my friend megan’s blog, http://craftmba.com

      go kick some a$$!

    3. Jenni, I jumped off the corporate cliff in the middle of the recession while my husband had been out of work for about six months. It was the best decision we’ve ever made. I’m not saying it is all peaches and ice cream, but we would never change a thing! You both have the opportunity to begin living your dreams at the same time! What a gift! Support each other daily, and this will be the beginning of something great for you both! Cheers!

  8. so what happens when my mindset is one of abundance, and i experience abundance in so many ways (supportive family, friends, etc.) but when it comes to paying the bills, i’m failing? i really DO believe i have something that people will value and are willing to pay money for, and i take every opportunity that comes along to put my work out in the world, to get feedback, to make it better. quitting my job to make art was the best choice for me, but it has been overwhelmingly difficult (sometimes more than others) to make ends meet. even with my mindset of abundance. makes me feel like i’m missing something. or not getting it. or something. hmph.

    1. hey laura! i think dave navarro’s post might be really good for you. think about what you can get together to sell today. to the network that you have. is it that you put up that listing for something that “everyone has been asking for” but you haven’t had time to think through? or that you go door to door around your local business district asking for referrals for design work? or that you contact a local non-profit and offer custom printing for their next event in exchange for putting your name on their invitations?

      consider selling “that thing” that you never thought you could sell because it’s too personal – not good enough – etc… it might just be your biggest seller.

  9. Thank you thank you thank you….just the kick in the pants I needed. I might be one of the biggest self-doubters out there and this etsy business is one of the greatest steps outside my comfort zone that I’ve ever taken. It’s a constant roller coaster of happy confidence one day, and then uncertainty and questioning the next. I think I’m going to make myself read this blog post every morning until I start really believing it for myself!

    You are an inspiration!!!

    1. thanks, hope ava! i’m glad you’ve taken a big step outside your comfort zone. but really embracing the abundance available to you is constantly putting one foot in front of the other! keep moving forward and kicking down doors! thanks for your comment :)

  10. “Kick the damn door down” struck me :)

    The doors I’m kicking down include turning in the paper work to teach a knitting class at my university, I will also find wholesale yarn distributors so that I can make more of a profit and make my yarny dreams a reality. I don’t want to ever work for anyone else once I get my degree so I will make my yarny dreams a reality while I’m still in school so that when I graduate I can keep up these endeavors πŸ˜€

    Off to print off the paper work now so I can turn it in on Monday!

    1. congrats on the knitting class! that’s awesome! also love that you’re looking for better sources for your yarn. those are exactly the concrete steps i had in mind. keep up the amazing work!

  11. Great post, Tara! What wonderful life lessons your mom taught you. As a firm believer in mind over matter, I agree that mindset is vital to success.

    I am currently wrapping my mind around being okay with the NOW (and whatever that may be) and enjoying this moment.

  12. I love this post! It is so inspiring. I need to stop saying “I don’t have time today…”

    My goal is money, but not just money. I want to be able to pull in half of what I make at my miserable 9-5er in order to quit. If I can do that, then I will have all my days to dedicate to my business and I won’t need to work for “the man” anymore!

    So, my goal is the freedom to work for myself…even if it means a pay cut (temporary pay cut).

  13. Thank you so much for this inspirational post. I’m new to Etsy and have only three sales. When I am tired I sometimes start to doubt my creations. Will people really want to buy them? I just have to find the people who will have interest in my work. What I’m doing today is starting a list of places —blogs, magazines etc—who might have interest in promoting my work. I’m going to use the energy I might have spent worrying to promote my shop.

  14. You know Tara, I really love the personal tone you’ve been taking here at Scoutie Girl with posts like this one. Obviously these kinds of conversations resonate with a lot of us!

    Personally, I’m keeping my eye on the quitting-my-day-job prize. I feel like I’ve been constantly working to get my business to a point where that’s possible, and also trying to help my boyfriend expand his business (he does freelance film) so that we won’t need the security of my dayjob. I FINALLY launched my new online store, and I’m going to continue to put everything I have into it and work my butt off until I can say, “See ya suckers!” to the 9-5.

    1. thanks, mallory! you seem to be one of those people who constantly has her eye on the prize πŸ˜‰ i’m sure you’ll be saying “see ya suckers” before you know it!

  15. As everyone has said – such a timely post for me. Maybe we all feel this way more often than we realize?
    For me it’s twofold. First: It’s accepting where I’m at: balance, success, peace of mind are all a process. It’s finding the zen in the everyday and trying to let go of that need for immediate gratification that we’re so trained to want. If I can do that, then all the little things that lead to the BIg Goal are more acheivable, not overwhelming.
    Second: To not let procrastination get the best of me! It’s so easy to say and so hard to do consistently.
    It’s funny, today’s the day I finally crossed 2 to-do’s off my list that have plagued me all week. And as usual, if I’d just finished them 3 days ago I could have been in a better mood much earlier – and working on the other zillion thing I’ve been wanting to tackle.

    1. i agree, mari! what is that with us & procrastination? we’d make more money and feel better about ourselves if we just got too it already!

      thanks for your comment as always :) i really appreciate your support!

  16. terrific inspiration Tara. so well done. love your thoughts on “abundance.” its not something I would have identified with- but your expression of it makes tons of sense.

    amazing to read the comments and the challenges everyone is facing. I wish everyone the best. for me its a matter of persistence… as Hope Ava said it is like a, “roller coaster.” it is hard to maintain the fire every day—

    but I think you’ve given us something we can use everyday Tara…. “embracing abundance” in all aspects of our life. it is a beautiful wisdom. happy friday :)

    1. thanks, kate! i think abundance can be foreign to all of us at different times of our lives. but to me, your life (what i know of it!) is the epitome of abundance! thanks for your comment.

  17. I think this article was great for anyone who wants to be the featured artist in “quite your day job”. I love the trend that I am seeing to take our art to the next level and make a living doing what you love to do.
    The next door that I have to kick down personally is money management. I have to manage my money that I make as an artist to support me now and down the road.

    1. hi jelena! yes, money management is a toughy. i think saving to spend is a big key. do you get the “daily worth” emails? if you liked this post & need help with money management/biz financials, definitely check it out! http://dailyworth.com

  18. Wow. I have lingered on this post and I know it is one that I will keep coming back to.

    You wrote, “i never thought for a moment that this wouldn’t work.” That’s the line that really got me. For me, the door standing in my way is constructed mostly of self-doubt. Thanks for handing me the sledge hammer!

    1. you’re so welcome, christie! in addition to a sledge hammer, i have a pick ax, jack hammer, and rappelling gear for when you have to go over the wall instead of through it! thanks for your great comment :)

  19. Thank you for this phenomenal blog! It is so right-on-time for me! Your words resonate so deeply — it is really thrilling to read them.

    My next breakthrough is to honestly appreciate the progress that I have made, to know that the future I dream of is really out there for me and to see and seize every opportunity with an open and giving heart.

    Thank you again for sharing your insights with all of us.

    1. thanks, ellen! i hope you can also appreciate the success of “now” and not just your future success. that’s what dave navarro’s article is all about. you do have something of great value right NOW it’s just realizing it & believing it enough to turn that into the income/materials you need.

  20. Oh honey, I am wiping tears from my eyes. I am so glad you look back on our life like that ~ that you grew to be who you are because of our collected experiences. You and your brother and I learned to have a creative spirit out of necessity but we did have fun! So many wonderful memories of how we just “got it done” and never made any excuses. I love you! Momma

  21. Wow, that was great. I want to go kick some ass, no one in particular, just society’s ass I suppose. I want to quit my day job and be a stay at home mom who promotes my husband’s art and my own art. I want to blog and inspire people. I want to take all the amazing ideas in my creative journal and make them a reality. Oh, I have so many beautiful ideas. I want my little girl to look back when she is older and say she is proud of her mother who followed her personal dreams but was also a kick-ass mom. I’m going to do these things! No more wanting.

    I love your bog Tara. Thanks once again!

    1. angela, i’m always up for kicking society in the ass! no matter what you do, you’re little girl will be proud of you! but yay for no more wanting! please keep me posted on your progress!

  22. I can relate, My parents were divored when I was 9, my father was a alcholic. I was the only one in my class with divorced parents. I’ll spare the gorry details.. I remember my mom working as a cook in a hospital and sewing body bags in the basement and make crafty things for crafts shows just to make sure she could give us every thing she could.. Moms are great! Although I find my family life successful, I still wish I could be successful at being a WAHM.

  23. Tara, thank-you for this beautiful post. Thank-you for letting us see a little picture of your life. It has taken me a while to make a comment because I am still digesting it. I am just starting out, so I don’t really know how to communicate what the next thing to conquer would be. Maybe just to get my bearings and set some goals for my business. I know what the end goal is, and I wish I was there already.

    My goal would be to supplement the family income so that we can live in more freedom, pay off insane medical bills (from my car accident), find a better house and just not have to worry about money anymore.

    As far as having an abundance mentality, I know that I have something of value to offer… I am just in the communicating, knowing where to market myself and just doing it stage. I have been focusing on just getting my name out there online as much as possible right now. My next step is to start visiting local shops to show off my products. Hopefully I am on the right track.

    Thanks again Tara!

  24. ditto on what everyone else has said, and let me add that as a single mom who works from home making things and sewing… that I loved reading your perception of that time with your mom and how that was such an empowering influence on you. I hope I have that sort of impact on my daughters…thanks for sharing this.

  25. Ok…so I loved this post, too. I had a mammogram callback today (for next Tuesday) and I’ve been gripped with fear all day. So my muse has been a bit quiet. I took her out to my garden and cleared leaves, discovering little green shoots and fragrant herbs underneath–earlier than I’ve ever seen them come up here outside of Boston.
    I was thinking about your question and realized that I want to be more conscious that my abundance is already here. I work full time as an instructional designer (I write training) but I’ve been making art, mostly collage, for as long as I can remember. Last fall I took the plunge, with my wonderful partner’s support, and started an 18-month part time program in graphic and web design. Two nights a week and every other Saturday I sit in a quiet room, working on a Mac computer, sketching in my journal, learning to wrestle abstract tools into art. Believing that it, too, is art, even though I don’t have glue all over my hands till the next morning, or smears of paint on my cheek, or snippets of paper all over the floor.
    Each time I drive home from the class I wonder “What will I become? Will I ever be a real designer? Where will this lead me?”
    I’m 55, have launched one child, and have twins in first grade. I have so many roles in my life it gets a little crazy. But when I go sit in that quiet room, mastering those magical tools, I am in the zone, just like when I am out in my garden with my plant-children. I have so much ahead of me,so many things I want to do. But in reality, my abundance is here, now. I just have to remember that.
    Thanks for the inspiration! I love this site.

  26. Excellent post! Found it via Twitter and glad I stopped by to read. Ironic since today I was at a very low place–feeling trapped by circumstance.
    I want a house of my own with enough space for me to have a room of my own in which I can have all of my stuff and leave it out and make a mess and then shut the door when I’m done. I live in an apartment with my husband and we don’t have enough space and we live above someone who smokes and loves to cook eggs at every meal. I know it’s not the worst of circumstances but I am tired of dealing with it.
    I feel like (today especially) that I will never be able to afford a house which I know defeats any and all possibilities. Your article was very inspiring. I’m going to act as if and stop being so self-defeating.
    Thank you very much!

  27. Wow. Are you preparing to become a motivational speaker? Because that was f-ing inspirational! It’s tough for anyone to take that extra step β€” and especially for me it’s because of the lack of self-confidence. I keep trying to blame others but really it comes down to me. Recognizing that, and putting a stop to it. Years of rejection and direction from people who could not or would not promote my work or stand behind it really put a damper on my mindset.

    And let me just say on a personal note, Tara, thank you. At our recent craft brunch you interrupted me to tell everyone how awesome my work is. Thank you! I told my husband about it and how good it felt. It made me want to do the same thing. Remain positive and tell others how great they are. You’re awesome Tara!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I’m off to class on our first really spring-like day, so I will think of you when I’m stuck indoors learning new skills today! :)

  28. Rachel –
    you too may not read this but I feel like i want to personally extend a hand to you. I can totally relate to the feeling of not being able to *imagine* reaching a goal that on some level, you really feel you want (i.e. buying a house) and I think for a lot of people, these goals hinge on the financial. On top of my Lilith’s Apothecary business, I work full time during the regular work week basically to pay for my daughter’s education (Philadelphia public school is not an option) and a mountainload (seriously) of deblt wracked up while my husband and I were doing master’s degrees at the same time in Canada, where we couldn’t work(!). There are times when i forget that it’s not going to be like this forever…and it actually won’t. Things can change a lot in even just five years when you make a committment to a plan — a course of action that will PUT you in a different place.

    You don’t have to quit your day job tomorrow (I know I can’t! It doesn’t matter how much I’d like to), because I have other things to take care of right now. It’s not even a remote option for me no matter how much it might be a ‘dream’. But in five years, seven years, or ten years, if I am able to keep at some goals that I have set, I will be in a totally different place financially, business-wise, and so forth. You can’t just ‘hope’ for it. You may have to work towards it. But it can still happen. Keep on.

  29. Tara,

    Not only was your post fantastic, look at all these amazing comments! You’ve created a wonderful empowered community, how totally rocking is that? I love that kick the damn door down imagery!

    What am I acknowledging right now is that my blog IS a place to come for inspiration, joy, and eye candy. I’ve asked me readers what they do, shown them lots of cool things to make for free and now, now I’ve got to write some kick a$$ patterns to sell them so my blog can actually generate some moola! WOOT!

  30. Tara,

    That was an amazing, breakthrough moment right there. We got to meet in Philly at the Buyers Market as I am on the runway to ‘my moment’ – my time, my thing, my happy (and that is not just about me it is about my family, my household — heck, Badcat and Isabel the Kitty too!) It’s about the whole ball of wax, making the real commitment to whatever it takes. My mother did whatever it took when my father left – she didn’t moan or cry, she kept it together, she kept moving, she lived with purpose.

    Speak what you want and take the actions you speak – fear nothing except inaction.

    Thank you for this,

  31. Ooh! Eerie! This very day several friends have encouraged me to sell my photographs – when I’ve never even thought of myself as a photographer. And then I read your response to Stephanie:

    ‘i want to challenge you, though, not to find the time to create a collection that you’re proud of, but to know that what you’ve already created has a ton of value (artistically & financially). stop thinking about the value you will create (because i have no doubt that you will) but to make the decision today – right now – that you are already overflowing in work that will make your dreams come true.’

    Well that does it. I’m giving this a go!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tara! :)

  32. Tara, this is incredible.

    My next step is to trust in myself and the universe, and to encourage myself better than anyone else. I’ve grown a lot in the past two and a half years since I started my business; not just because I had to figure out how to be a business person, but me as an individual. I’m grateful that I jumped in and started my business, because it’s forced me to completely strip down my life. What do I absolutely need? What can I live without? Without all the “stuff” there, I was really forced to look at what *I* want, not what other people want for me. It really came to a head right around the holidays last year, right when I was doubting myself more than ever. Drowning in self-doubt, I ultimately decided that I can’t picture doing anything else. This feels right. This feels like the path I need to be on right now. Wherever it leads will be where I’m suppose to go.

    That being said, I realized recently I wasn’t giving myself enough credit. I was still holding back “in case this all goes downhill”. Once I recognized that, I realized I need to put the effort into my business without any fear. So, I started creating more and networking more, and doing things like buying ads when I can afford it. I’ve grabbed hold of the positive attitude, now I’m working on the concrete actions to get where I want to go.

    I’m trying to live in the moment. I don’t mean that I don’t think of tomorrow or the future; no, I mean I’m trying to *be* in the moment. Appreciate every minute, every experience. I firmly believe in getting back what you put out, and just when I’m not sure it’s working, I get a sign (like having a fabulous week like this week) that it is.

    A truly inspiring post! Thank you.

  33. Just wanted to add that when my mom left West Chester last fall to move closer to my brother in Cleveland, after 30 years at Hershey’s Mill and about 25 years before that (my lifetime as I remember it), I was heartbroken to lose my “home base” down there.

    Now I see I can still have one! Even if I never meet any of you IRL, just reading your references to Philadelphia, Lancaster, Malvern, etc., places I know and can picture, makes me feel at home! Ahh, SE PA, where spring actually *comes* in the spring! <3

  34. Tara, Thank you for these empowering words. I’ve learned recently that a key to my happiness is to create stuff, imagine stuff and write stuff. I was letting myself get too bogged down in the mundane (my day job & day-to-day chores). I stumbled onto the blogging community one day and was inspired beyond belief. Like a lot of people here, I would love to quit my day job and focus on my creativity (and of course, make money from it). It will happen, I know. But, I need to keep my eye on that and keep telling myself I can do it! Self-confidence isn’t my strength, but it’s something I’m working to conquer both for myself and my girls. I want them to grow up thinking their Mom is the most amazing person they know. It’s a lot to live up to! But, I think I’m up for the challenge.

  35. Tara, This is just what I needed to read. I am such a newbie and the idea of tweeting,blogging and all the social media used these days scares the heck out of me. So I thank you for pulling me from behind a curtain of fear I am now peeking out from and hopefully will open wide to the world. And, Hello to you from PA! I too am a PA girl and have been all of my life. I want to embrace abundance and break down that door BUT I can’t do it alone as my business depends on not only myself but my business partner who also is my Aunt. My aunt is the artist of this duo and along with my input we create photographic art prints with poetry that expresses our love of family! Our inspiration comes from much of the same feeling that I see in many those posted here. I feel that the world is changing and that giving of oneself and having faith will be a larger part of ones mindset than now more than ever. Thanks again, and enjoy this beautiful spring day!

  36. Tara, this post was just one more reason I am so thankful to have found you and why I solidly respect everything you do for our community (because that’s what we all are…one, big, supportive community!)

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. For me, my biggest challenge is finding a source for funds to invest in myself and my future. I’m as stubborn as a mule and my biggest frenemy. No one can stop me when I get on my soapbox, so I’m trusting in myself to be my biggest advocate, clearly communicate what I’m all about and never thinking that I can’t do it. The days of telling myself ‘no’ are over. I’ve never felt better!

  37. Wow! What a great blog! It is so cool to see people putting the word out there to believe in ones self…
    I have to say I’m a guy with an angel on one shoulder and a devil n the other always fighting with myself about this very topic…. The big issue for me to kick is pricing my work for the price it is worth and doing it with confidence; I have to stop feeling embarrassed or ashamed when I talk about money and the cost of the things I put my time and energy into.
    I also have to remember to be thankful about where I am now and what I am doing, thank you Tara for the reminder and in my case a little kick up the backside.
    I am an artist and a craftsman, I can be successful and so can all of you.

    Thanks Tara! You rock!

  38. I love this post! We all need to believe in ourselves in order to succeed. Thanks for this article. I’m afraid, but I definitely want to kick down those doors!

  39. hello Tara!

    What a timely and wonderful post!

    i am just about to launch my first Etsy shop on April the 8th… πŸ˜‰

    I have started to *believe* in abundance in my creative life and it works, i have taken the leap.

    I am a thriving artist!


  40. Tara, your Mother and probably her mother before that gave you the greatest gift to your success- calculated risk taking. There are so many talented people in the world but success seems highly related to nature and nurture. Knowing you are talented and being loved are not enough. Creativity with an adventuresome spirit is the magic combo I think. It allows you to take risks and feel worthy of the next step. My husband has it. Creativity with perfectionism (reinforced by nature and maybe nurture) makes it easy to judge every performance as less than enough rather than abundant. OK! I am old enough to be your Mom and I just recently allowed myself the risk of offering my work instead of depending on others to determine what work is of value.Am I hopeless? Not yet.Thanks for the lovely lovely advice to so many who need it. ( And kudos to your great Mom who gets to see you in action everyday.)

  41. I simply just love this – in fact as soon as I finished reading your post after moseying over from etsy’s community page – I got back to work happily, remembering all those good things.

    Being an artist is not always our first choice for a career, but something inside us cannot deny what we really are – and hence we make a bold action in doing that, that we cannot help but do – creating art in its many forms.

    Brava and well done on your article! Extremely insightful and well thought out – thank you for sharing, I will most certainly stop on by to learn more about how simple thoughts can transpire us to greatness including success with our art(s). Thank you!

  42. Hi Tara,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Unlike you, I grew up in a family which we have everything but I would always hear that we can’t afford things!! But,,life thought me so many valuable lessons and I know, I can achieve anything I want in life. Thank you

  43. TARA!!!! This a fantastic post! I think you need to repost it once/month! I say this b/c these are things we KNOW if we are working independently, but the day to day of life makes it easy to forget. Thank you for reminding us all of why we do what we do everyday – to live a fulfilling life to our own rhythm.

    You know, I grew up the majority of my childhood with everything I needed and more. Things changed suddenly, and I became engrained with the mindset of “we’ll get that later when we are in a better situation”. Often, later never came. I’m impatient! I can’t wait forever!! Carpe Diem!!!

    What I am doing TODAY to creative abundance and live abundantly?
    A – going to Surtex in May in NYC (huge investment, eek!)

    A couple of months ago I would have convinced myself that I can’t afford to outsource that kind of work, and I would just have to struggle through it all myself. The fact is I can afford whatever I manifest to be so!

    I do what I do so that my time is my own.
    Part of my mission of living abundantly is commit to spending my time doing what I love, and outsourcing the rest. Working with you is a big step in that direction!

    Thank you for all that you do – passionately! :)

  44. Hi Tara!

    Khristian forwarded this article to me. I love what you’re expressing here. Great work! The truth is that we all seek freedom and the more freely we live, the more abundant (in all aspects) we become. I quit my secure, good paying job last year to open my own design studio. I didn’t listen to the people who said “it’s a down economy” or who looked at me funny when I told them the news…or even my mom who said “anyone who would leave their good paying job with benefits in this economy is crazy!” I just believed in myself and knew that following my heart was the right thing to do. I doubled my income last year and plan to triple each year going forward. I live my life from the belief that when you sit with yourself….listen quietly…and you will be directed toward abundance. The only person you can listen to is yourself…right there in your solar plexus. :) The key is to listen….and respond. :) To all the artists and young business women out there…you can do it!!!!!

    Best to you!!!!

  45. Tara , I just came across your blog on Etsy – I am a thriving artist. And I have been browsing your posts for the last 1/2 hour ! This is such a fabulous post ! I love what you have to say about abundance ! Its so true, we complain about how little time we have, little supplies, little this and that …and we forget about the abundance that surrounds us and the abundance thats within us .
    Very inspiring post. I will be back to check your posts often. I hope to take what I have read in this post and put it to good use – because I do have a lot of talent and I do have a lot of time to bring out that abundance and give it a life of its own – my very own artwork business. Thank you! πŸ˜€

  46. I am the artist that I always wanted to be. For me, it all came down to that tiny mustard seed of faith, that, if we had it, could move mountains. I found it when realizing that all of the beauty that reached into my heart to make it leap with joy or cry with longing, had that effect on me because I recognized it. And I recognized it because it was within me. Where it had always been, waiting for permission, my blessing.

    Creativity was a therapy for me, healing me, soothing me, reminding me of something. When I began making jewelry, I would sometimes spend hours just looking at the beads I had purchased — and my purchases were intuitive love-urges — turning them over and over, seeing the most minute variations in colors, striations, translucency. The incredible uniqueness of each semi-precious stone reminded me of the uniqueness that was me, too. In arranging beads with other components, and in patterns side by side, I’ve learned to trust my intuition, and to follow my heart’s desire.

    Working with semi-precious stones has convinced me unalterably of the reality of abundance. And like previent grace, it is there for the asking. I recognize it within myself, embrace it, nurture it, grow it. Becoming aware of faith and seeing how it operated already in my life unconsciously, helped me to make a conscious choice to believe in myself.

    Today, I give myself a goal and permission to be successful.

    Thank you Tara, for your inspiring blog.

  47. Really love this post…and on thriving artists. My favorite line which I will post on my wall?

    stop trying already. kick the damn door down.

    yup. love it. Going on my wall as soon as I send this to my friend!

    Love it! thanks!

    The Pumpkin Lady

  48. Hi Tara. I just found Scoutie Girl this weekend and wow, what a great post to come in on. The first paragraph caught my attention right away. My family split up too when I was 7. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I realized how deeply it affected me, how I see myself and my ability (lack of) to risk and put myself out there. I discovered this when I was trying to open an etsy shop and it was taking me 2 years. I was making jewelry, which I loved and was soothing to me, but I couldn’t figure out what the hold up was. Turns out to expose myself, to let the world see what I was creating, to be vulnerable, to be successful, I had to release the little girl that had be wounded so long ago and was hiding behind many protective layers. The authentic me had to show up. It’s been a process, but the real me has emerged, the shop is open and each day I grow as a person and an artist. I still have to quiet the negative chatter, but I’m learning to be comfortable and content with me.

    My next step is a retail show (my first) where I’ll be able to stand tall with my craft (or sit if my feet hurt) .

    Thanks Tara for sharing this part of your life and giving me the opportunity to put into words my recent and ongoing journey.

  49. Thank you SO much for this post. I am teetering right on the edge of going part time so I can build my creative dream. I’ve known all along that I AM an artist – but never believed I could make enough from the things I create. I am ready now! – after reading your post – just after figuring what my paycheck is shrinking to again – I will have enough – and I will make it on my own. I am so thankful for your post :) Now, I just need someone to bid on the other half of my job and get hired!! and it will happen soon! :)

  50. Just read this post for the third time. I have definitely been struggling with scarcity thinking. Every day I hear myself say “I can’t afford that” regarding one thing or another. I am new to making and selling jewelry, but I dream about finally being able to leave the day job that I have found so difficult and stressful for the last seven years. I can’t imagine making enough money to be able to support myself comfortably, especially as a single woman.

    I also dream of making and selling mixed media art but I get paralysed when I look at the work of those I admire. Today, to kick the damn door down, I am going to make art.

    Thank you, Tara!

  51. Tara, this is SUCH a great post. Very timely for me. I feel like I’m on the verge of something really great and am trying to embrace and believe it, but it’s tough letting go of past failures. I am taking steps right now.. taking an indie business (online) class and am investing in a website/ blog redesign. I also applied for a big craft fair this summer. My goal is to replace my income at my job so that I can work from home around my family. I’m missing out on little things right now and I’m ready to kick that door down and be home!

  52. Tara! I have not stopped thinking about this post! It’s a big positive wake-up call! A perfect Spring post to spring into action! It’s printed and in my 52 book! Ahh, and for me…”Keep Calm and Carry On” is now replaced with “Stop Trying Already. Kick the Damn Door Down”! Thank you sooo much! :)

  53. Thank you for the inspiring kick in the pants! I’ve been skirting around building my business… the fear of rejection (and success) has been running deep for me since I started this handmade journey. Yesterday I set out, samples of my work in hand to a local shop that I’ve been thinking about approaching for a few weeks. I just hate pitching myself. It’s so not “me!” But this shop was the perfect fit… local, beautiful, handmade goods.

    I headed over to my highly coveted shop to find that it has closed. I sat in my car, in the rain, in the parking lot in front of the empty storefront feeling a little empty myself. It took a lot of gumption just to emotionally prepare myself for this impromptu meeting.

    I thought back over your post and felt re-energized. I went home, made a list of my dream shops. I’m going to approach them all over the next few weeks. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  54. Wow, what a great post, thank you for sharing and kicking me into embracing abundance. I think your frame of mind enables you or gives you that boost of power to get things accomplished. I believe there is room for all of us to be successful…thanks for inspiring!

  55. A big, badass kiln is in a shipping warehouse somewhere making the journey to my garage. This is huge. She should arrive early next week and will change my life as an artist. I’ve always wanted to do ceramics. Now I am.

  56. WOW. I felt that in my gut.

    As someone who has just begun a journey to reach out to the world, this was SO perfectly serendipitous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  57. HOORAY! What a great post! It is so easy to dwell in that scarcity mindset – I’m not good enough, I don’t give enough, I’m not worthy enough, I don’t have enough. I’ve said those things many times in my life, despite the fact I’ve never known any of it to do anybody any good. So, thank you for reminding all these beautiful artists and designers and homemakers and dreamers who come to your blog that they are all worthy and wonderful! One of my favorite affirmations is “People pay me large sums of money just for being me.” But you can’t only say it…you gotta believe it (which takes practice, but I’m sure you’ve inspired so many folks to start). Thanks!

  58. First off…I got so much inspiration from everyone’s posts here! You are all wonderful and supportive. I love that and I am abundant with that heart swelling kind of love right now!

    So my story is a bit the same as a few of the other posts. I just quit my corporate job and launched myself into working for myself again. I took two years off and I am back creating which is the thing that truly makes me happy. I have not always had an abundant mindset, this is new programming for me. I feel I am doing pretty good at it and after two years the gears are all in alignment and occasionally a stick gets thrown in and screws it all up and then I have to re-adjust.

    I am going to kick my inner critic to the curb and keep the door up and lock it! lol

    My new product is of tremendous value and I feel it and I will continue to focus on the right people finding it, buying it and sharing it with their friends. I welcome the the financial abundance and this new journey I am on. I will embrace it all.

    Tara, thanks for this post. It is great and a nice charge to rejuvenate me. :)

  59. Hi Tara, this post is a blessing !… indeed I realize now after reading almost all the comments that I’m not the only one going through a hard time fighting back negativity, procrastination and lately-to-many- down times… Its just a matter of stand up straight, look back to the inner fears, puch them in the face and give one step ahead, leaving back all what we know inside its going wrong. Starting with some smaller changes towards our goals, and above all, smiling and thanking to anyone we meet in the mall, in the street, at work, at home, by phone, when writing an email, a post, a comment.. and maybe the most important: to the mirror!.. to your inner self.. to that clever and creative child that is in there waiting to be released and jump out full of energy and love to the world!.. Thank you very much for your post and your experiences made words of encouragement and positiveness!

    1. You’re welcome Roxanne! I actually just finished a graphic print based on this post that will be up as a freebie on Monday morning’s post. I hope you’ll come back and check it out!

  60. Reading this post makes me SO HAPPY! I definitely believe in living *now* and loving every minute of it, but everyone needs a reminder.

    My biggest life change came when I decided to dispense with guilt. It takes a lot of practice, but having no use for that emotion has caused me to make good decisions about my life’s direction based on what is good for me and my family, and not what I “should” or “shouldn’t” do.

    I hadn’t thought to take this “embracing abundance” approach to my work, btu it makes so much sense. Thank you for your inspiring words and deeds!


  61. Tara – I am reading this more than a month later, but thank you for this post! (I read your daily worth post, which pointed me here.)

    I think my main door to kick down is fear. I have come such a far way with that….but I have so much further to go.

    Thanks for this post and I’m now going to kick down some doors!

  62. Wow, wow, wow… Thank you, Tara, for writing such a well thought out and inspiring piece. I just became a mom in November and have been trying to manage my jewelry business from home. I gave up my studio space when I was in my eighth month of pregnancy and have felt cramped for space (both creatively and physically) trying to work out of our small apartment. My fear has always been that people won’t perceive the value in my work. Your article has inspired me to make some long overdue changes to my approach in business. I am currently launching a brand new website. At first I hesitated to invest in the project, but after reading your post I am thrilled!


  63. Awesome. And a much needed lift of my spirits. I’ve been trying to survive doing my own thing for 8 months now and just the other day contacted a temp agency. I’m not making enough to survive on and so my first thought was that it is time to go back to cubicle hell. But your post has inspired me to try again, try harder and try other ways to market myself.

    Trusting that the universe will provide and feeling abundant when the bills are piling up is not easy, but I will do my best to re-program my brain!

  64. Oh wow. This post really resonated with me. Unlike you, I grew up surrounded by a scarcity mentality. My parents didn’t buy anything – even a soda at restaurants – without asking if we could afford it.

    On the other hand, I have always had faith in myself to accomplish whatever it is I want to accomplish. I’m good at getting jobs and have always been promoted quickly at past jobs (even ones I didn’t really want.)

    A year ago, I started a blog and a few months ago, I quit my job to start a photography business. My husband is a working musician and encouraged me to follow my dreams. We decided that I would focus on the photography and if I wasn’t bringing in enough money, I would need to get some kind of part-time work by June. And now, it is almost June.

    What I need now is money, not just to pay the bills, but to invest in my business for classes and equipment. But I am resisting the idea of getting a part-time job because TIME is equally (if not more) important to me than money. This is part of the reason I quit my job – because I wanted my time to be my own. So yes, I need to start bringing in more money, but I’d like to figure out a way to do so without sacrificing the precious time that I value too much.

  65. Oh how I needed to read this post today. Thank you for sharing and in turn inspiring so many people! I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments (and got all choked up reading your Mum’s comment) and decided I had to share my own “door”.

    So, the door I need to kick down is coming out of my shell, puffing up my chest and saying “I make amazing things”. Because I really do! I take so much time developing ideas, sewing products, taking photos, and then I just post them in my etsy shop and cross my fingers because I’m too chicken to tell people online or in person about my shop because I’m scared they won’t like my stuff. That darn self confidence getting in the way!

    Thanks so much for sharing

  66. Thank you for this blog post – just as others said it was timely for me and see my procrastination as just that – procrastinating! I am going to committ to a weekly marketing plan for my Etsy shop that I have been dragging my feet on figuring out. I have already set up the basics of my plan, but now I really am going to work it everyday and every week. Thank you for the inspiring words.

  67. Today I needed to read this.

    I keep thinking that I need enough money to pay down my debt, to get a house I can actually have enough space to maneuver in and keep structured, and to make enough money off the things that I really WANT to do most so that I am not spending so much time doing things that drain me. I’ve proven myself with a creative business that brings in a ton of abundance for me… But for some reason my deepest passions are always held just out of reach. I can never seem to convince myself that I can make a living as a fine writer and an artist. I can never seem to convince myself that anyone would want to pay what I would need to make a living. I’ve gotten so attached to my business and so used to only thinking of it as providing a source of abundance in a predictable and rational way… I want to tap into my passions and let them create some abundance for me, too.

    Your story sounds so similar to mine… My father left when I was 8 and was out of my life at 10… I had everything I needed. Except my mother did have a scarcity mindset, despite all she provided for me. Somehow I grew not to have that mindset about most things… But I was taught that you could never make a real living as an artist. I am still struggling with that, despite the brazen commitment to optimism and abundance that I hold for most everything else.

    Your mom is great! I know my mom was, too, she just didn’t know anything better. I just hope I can kick down the door of my own limiting programming!

  68. Absolutely inspiring Tara!
    I saw you mentioned on the Etsy Success Newsletter and I am so glad I clicked through to all of the links! I’m just starting to think in abundance after working in a corporate world where the scarcity mindset is a norm, I am done living that way! I’ve spent the past few years buying equipment and supplies for my business now I just need to use them! Here’s to a trip down to the studio for some creative time! Thank you for your post!


  69. Hang in there creative souls!
    And Tara, thank you for your dedication & inspiration!

    Alot of us have had difficulties and obstacles in our lives. And I know that I my deep seeded emotions/challenges have been great for creativity.

    I don’t know why some of us get so skeert. But like Tara is trying to help kick us in the pants to get moving, we need to obey the Nike phrase of “Just Do It”. You know, like when we’re sick and just can’t move…but we still gotta hit the potty? We get up and put one foot in front of the other.

    Thanks Tara…it’s time for putting one foot in front of the other!

  70. You are absolutely right. if you’re willing to get creative and not cave into the scarcity mindset, great things can happen.

    In fact, one of my teachers — a well-known success expert — always said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets creative. He advocated making a list of 20 things we could do to make money. Then make another list the second day and a third list the following day. Then on the fourth day, break the items on all three lists down into “ease of implementation/high rate of return,” “slower implementation but high rate of return” and “slow implementation and low rate of return.” We discarded the third category, focused on the first, while also doing something for the middle group.

    It does work.

    Scarcity really is a mindset. Years ago I was making good money but felt poor. I’ve also been just scraping by and felt rich when one small thing went my way.

    It’s ALWAYS about our attitude and that’s a good thing because we can’t control the economy or who hires us but we can control how we feel.

  71. Tara, I can only say BRAVO to you!

    Mindset is the main thing if you want to achieve something. If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe that you deserve to be happy and successful, if you doubt your designs are worth of the whole world, who would believe in you? And why would they?

    I had to start all over again in my life several times. 3 years ago (oh, my… three years already!) I moved to the US. No housing, no job, no idea of what I’m going to do and where I’m going to go. I had only my mind, my skills, my creativity, my hands, and my willingness to get what I’m worth of.

    After quite some time I decided to do what I really loved to do, and what I was really good in. I wrote (and published) several guide books, started to collaborate with some popular newspapers and magazines, and then… I decided to make knitting my business. I love my Etsy shop with all my heart and I work day and night on new designs. I’m willing to make success as a knitting designer. And I’m willing to publish pattern books and teach knitting. And I’m determined to get what I’m worth of.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Tara. This is so inspiring!

  72. I am breaking down the door of beleiving I am an artist, not a hobbyist (as the first poster put so well) and my collection I have so far is fabulous and worth much more then I beleive. I am also breaking down the door that I dont beleive I will contact the exact people I need to move my business ahead to where it deserves to be on my modest budget.

  73. I am breaking down the door of haven’t to enter into the realm of have. That is true on many levels. Thanks for your blog post. I am very good at an attitude of gratitude but sometimes fall into the pit of scarcity and forget to embrace abundance. Thank you again. Most Cordially, Ardee-ann

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  75. Thank you so much for this moment!

    Letting go of the scarcity mindset can be tough enough sometimes. Letting it go in regards to my art can feel even more complicated.

    I’ve been making and selling my bags on the side for years. I’ve finally reached a point where I want to let myself know, deep down, that it can be a mainstay. I want to embrace the experience on larger, ever growing levels! I would love to see it as a focal point in my world. And reading your perspective helps my perspective shift.

    Thank you again!

  76. I just came across this as it was linked from a newsletter I subscribe to. And I know I’ve been here before but this post really stuck out to me today.

    I just passed the two year mark of being unemployed. And it hasn’t all been bad, in fact it’s reshifted my focus and made me accept that I’m an artist in many forms and need to be doing artistic things with my life.

    I’ve felt for a while now that I need to start my own business starting out with web design and possibly social media. But I’ve let my lack of money keep me from it since I need some serious computer upgrades before I can really efficiently start my business.

    This post has reaffirmed that I can’t keep letting that stop me and I need to find a way today, to make that work. Thanks for this post. :)

  77. A door that I am kicking down? Here’s one!

    I have a simple product that I have just begun making. I showed it to the owner of a very successful custom business.

    When she saw my simple product she decided that she wanted me to design and make something much more complex for her in a different medium. I, along with my uber talented daughter, designed three products for her. I did some testing. I am now figuring out how to make the process and pricing work.

    Her initial order is for 100.

    Did I say: “I don’t know if I can make these in another medium.”, ” I don’t know if I can make the sizes that you want.”, etc.

    No, I did not. I am figuring it out! Because I am now a designer!

    All of this is happening in the midst of scarcity. I am unemployed, and my only car broke down. In the midst of this, I know that I can build up my small business. Thank you for the reminder to think and act abundantly!

  78. Ugh. Thanks for this. (I feel like I’ll be writing “thanks” as a comment on the end of a lot of your posts …)

    I feel very stuck and frustrated and it seems as though I’ve found Scoutie Girl just in time to save my sanity. Like you, Tara, motherhood has completely changed my mindset. While I’m currently working full-time in a job I love as a graphic designer for a cute little agency, my heart aches to be home with my new son. I know I have the skill set and the self-discipline to work as a designer and a maker at home, but I am so terrified to take that leap and quit my day job.

    Terrified might be an understatement.

    What if I don’t make enough? What if people aren’t willing to pay enough? How can we ever afford insurance (the hubbs is currently finishing his Masters online and is an awesome SAHD)?

    These questions keep me up at night, though in the back of my mind a very small voice keeps telling me the only person holding me back is me. I’m the one clinging to a scarcity mindset. I’m the one who’s still afraid of being that starving artist my parents warned me I’d be when I changed majors 10 years ago from Veterinary Medicine to Graphic Design.

    I need to break down the door because I’m tired of hiding in the closet.

  79. How crazy that I just stumbled across this post and your site. Just last night I had a heart to heart with my husband and all these hopes and desires came flowing from me that I had not ever admitted to him or myself that I wanted. I think it is so hard for those of us who have always considered ourselves hobbyists to think of our work as ART. WHY? This is my goal

  80. my goal – the thing i want most right now – is to make enough money to bring my husband home and let him build how own dream AND to be able to employ amazing individuals who will love coming to work each day to work with me on whatever it is we’ll be doing.

    and i want to do it now. i’m impatient.

    i have the ideas, and now i’m off to go execute.

  81. Tara, this isn’t the first time I’ve read one of your absolutely stellar posts! I love each one I’ve read! I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of reading and following links and such tonight because my next goal is to start doing more wholesaling. I’m being given the “kick start” that I need tonight (as well as a heck of a lot more information on it!) to do it. Had to get through some of the unspoken fears as well as get a better handle on just how to do that and I think I did! ……”Unspoken fears”…that sounds like my next blog post! (grin)

  82. Such a timely post. I’m in the process of setting up an Etsy shop to sell my art, but am stalling mainly because I don’t have faith in my work, and compare myself negativley to other ‘real’ artists.

  83. Thanks for this post, I am enjoying your mini e-course in my inbox every day and look forward to it.

    I need to create a platform to succinctly, simply & successfully communicate this new idea that I am creating to people who may be interested to join me. This may be a webiste, a mission statement, call to a friend higher up, all three, or something else.

    that’s my answer!

  84. Tara,
    Every once in a while, we hear something or experience something, or read something that changes our lives. I have just read your blog, and it will change my life. You are right about embracing abundance. Lately, I have been dwelling more on scarcity and insecurities. I was laid off from my job at a large law firm in Feb. 2008. Although it wasn’t the creative type of job I had always hoped for, I was thankful to have such a high-paying job to support my two young children (I am a divorced mom). After working there for over 15 years, nothing could have stripped me of my confidence more than being let go. It felt like nobody appreciated me (or my efforts). It felt like I wasn’t important enough to them. It took a little while, but I quickly learned that you can’t look back for too long, because it keeps you from moving forward. It was actually a blessing in disguise. I do intend to move forward. Your words are helping me do it. My GOAL is to support my children by selling the items I create. I know that there are lots of “tiny steps” which will need to be accomplished in order to meet that goal. Right now, I am constantly listing my handmade aprons, pillows, pillow covers, handbags, curtains, hand-knit scarves, etc. on Etsy. I am making very frequent mentions of each of my accomplishments on FaceBook. I am linking my items from Craigslist. I am participating in the local farmer’s market. I have recently been invited to participate in two shows to sell my handmade items – and I am letting everyone I know about it! It feels good. I am feeling the abundance. I am kicking down the walls (my insecurities). I am not listening to the voices of those who do not suport for efforts and goals. I am moving forward. I am going to make a future of abundance for my children. They do not need to know how much of a reality “scarcity” and “poverty” have been in our lives for the last few years. This is a time of change! Your article felt as if you were speaking directly to ME. I am printing it out and posting it next to my laptop and next to my sewing machines. Whenever I feel the brick wall, I will be kicking it down! Thanks to you!

  85. While my partner and friends encourage me to pursue my dream of making a living from something that i actually enjoy doing, something i am good at…and what i have been talking about for years, i am constantly coming up against a brick wall.

    This brick wall has been spray-painted with the words ‘this is not a viable option, this is a pipe dream and what evidence do you have that makes you think you can achieve this?’
    While i have not seen this graffiti taking place, i recognise the handwriting to be my mother’s.

    Now she is not a discouraging woman nor has she ever said this to my face but in my lifetime i do not remember her saying that i can achieve the things i set out to do. So i have clearly told myself that i can not.

    How can I ignore this little voice from someone so important in my life? And how does this one voice overpower all the other encouraging ones? Especially when i’m pretty sure my mother will always be there to sweep up the pieces should i fail.

    This is my biggest struggle!

  86. I could have written this post. Broken family…check. Seamstress for a mother…check (how random is that!) I am going to kick that door down! Thanks for the inspiring post!

  87. I just put it out to the Universe (and to an author or two that I know) that I do copyediting — I do it automatically, any time I read, so I might as well get paid for it!

    Thank you for the kick in the butt to get me going in kicking down the door!

  88. Hi Tara! :)

    I love what you said about breaking the damn door down! πŸ˜‰ This article really inspired me to go and take ACTION to move forward that next step. And the next step for me is to create a larger variety of offerings – multiple streams of income – so that I’m not so dependent on the one-on-one work that I do. I already know what I want to offer, and this has given the kick in the butt to go break that door down! :)

  89. I am now 71 and the C. H. mentioned above is very heavy to be carry around lifting in and out of my car for craft shows. although I love the product my back just cant take it any more.

    I have been called a world class knitter and I am happiest when knitting or crocheting. Creating some pattern different and unusual. I need help creating my shop. too many products. adult sweaters, baby sweaters, minature dog sweaters, scarves, book covers, flowers for the hair, needle point pictures. a twin bed quilt made out of recycled men’s jeans and pants. The list goes on and on and on. How to display the products to each’s advantage. Help!

  90. Hi Tara,

    I was just sharing with my cohort-in-crime-and-creativity today, it feels like we’re grasping hands and taking that wildly frightening but oh-so exhilerating leap off the cliff into a big body of water screaming all the way with excitement that we finally get it. Once we make the paradigm shift and believe, truly believe we have everything we need to take the next step in actualizing our dream is one powerful boost to the brain and shot of joy straight into the heart!

    GREAT read! Thanks for the good news.

  91. Thank you for the kind of encouragement I need! I have many things I feel I can do if I just can make myself develop the courage to do them. I have published a few poems and stories, and want to make a living with my writing and illustrating for children, and greeting cards, maybe some designs for embroidery and rug hooking as well. My husband has had a stroke, so now it is crucial for me to succeed, if I am to stay home and care for him at the same time as I make a living for us. My heart is in it. Now I need to dig in and get it done! Tara, you are the person I needed to find. I think I can learn a LOT from you. Thank you!

  92. Wow! I’ve been trapped in the scarcity mentality for so long that I actually started to believe that it was virtuous! Abundance is a new feeling for me to wrap my soul around. I grew up in a world of dichotomies, giving vs. greedy, what a powerful message! Today I choose to harness my creativity for personal abundance ~ and yes, I can put a dollar amount on that if I want to without feeling greedy! Thanks Tara!

  93. You are a blessing to the world! And today very specifically to me. I came accross your blog through a google search for ‘making art consumerism’, after having two days of doubting myself and what I do, of resisting art making due to feeling that I’m just creating more ‘stuff’ for an over-consuming society. Thank you SO much for the experiences, knowledge and perceptions that you share and offer!

    To specifically answer your question in this post, I want to have/host/do my first solo exhibition! And am already creating a new body of work for this exhibition planned for mid next year. The challenges? Getting through mind obstacles like above-mentioned, and keeping focused on my purpose and goal!

    Thanks again for the absolutely inspiring work that you do!!!

  94. hola Tara,
    Thank you for your post. I ran to it by coincidence and hit me because I too am procrastinating and having a hard time believing I can be an artist. I recently opened my little shop on etsy; it has helped me to see how creative I can be, but what I fear the most is the rejection and the belief that I cannot deliver an “artistic” piece. I’m working on it, slowly, but surely. Thank you, thank you!


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    reading it, you will be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back in the foreseeable future.
    I want to encourage continue your great work, have a nice afternoon!

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