Embracing Abundance: Breaking the Scarcity Mindset

This week we’re taking time out to share some classic Scoutie Girl posts. Today’s post originally appeared on March 19, 2010.

lola at the playground

when i was about 10, my dad left our family.

and while broken families would soon become quite normal, in my grade & group of friends, i was the first to go through the process. one of the greatest lessons i learned from this time in my life was how to embrace abundance. even though my dad leaving took the vast majority of income away from our family, even though we were forced to down size from a beautiful newly built home to a home bought out of bankruptcy court that my mother & community moms spent weeks cleaning to make fit for habitation, even though shopping became a vastly different affair, i never felt that resources were scarce.

my family lived a life of abundance.

my mom never said “we can’t afford that” or “that’s too expensive” – or if she did it’s certainly not the part i remember! i went to basketball camp and softball camp and church camp and music camp. i had piano lessons and new trendy clothes. we always had a computer. and i never doubted for a second that i would go to the best college that i could get into and wanted to attend.

scarcity wasn’t even an option in my mind.

now my mom isn’t a lawyer or a doctor or even an assistant with a steady job. she was a seamstress who worked from home & was her own boss (a luxury that was her own abundance). she learned to never accept no – or “too much” – as an answer. i learned that i could have whatever i wanted and go wherever i wanted to go as long as i was creative about it. i learned that when you gave a lot you got a hell of a lot more back in return. i learned that if you embrace abundance, you’ll be more abundant than you can imagine!

as i’ve grown, i’ve continued to embrace abundance – and that’s why i get to do what i do here everyday. i never thought for a moment that this wouldn’t work. i didn’t let my husband get me down, i didn’t let friends get me down, i didn’t let myself get me down. i knew could create success and i lived every day as if i was already successful (with a smaller budget, of course!). when i made one level of reality a success, i focused on a higher level and i embraced that abundance & embodied that success.

embracing abundance gives us the mindset that we need to live our goals while we’re achieving them.

but that’s WAY too much about me. i’m piggybacking, this beautiful friday afternoon, on the post i wrote last week with my opinions on being a thriving artist. thank you all for the wonderful comments – so many of you obviously see yourselves as thriving. but i just couldn’t stop there after reading dave navarro’s post on breaking the scarcity mindset. while there is so much positivity in our creative community, i just can’t help but get caught up on the scarcity mentality that i hear from so many artists trying to breakthrough.

stop trying already. kick the damn door down.

these are the four beliefs that dave uses to outline his path for escaping scarcity:

* First, the specific belief that there are plenty of people out there who are willing to exchange money for something of value.
* Second, the specific belief that you can offer something of value.
* Third, the specific belief that you can communicate that value to the people willing to pay for it.
* Fourth, the specific belief that you can make an offer – right now (or very soon) – that can generate the money you want to have.

now, perhaps your goal isn’t money. side note: we all need to make a living – so if your goal is money right now, embrace it and don’t let others tell you that’s not okay. perhaps your goal is clout, authority, friends in high places, exposure, gallery space, art classes, etc… you can substitute any of those things that you wish you had in abundance into those four beliefs.

forget all the i-wishes and if-onlys and make a choice today that embraces the abundance that you already have and the abundance that is right around the corner. and then walk around the corner and pummel that abundance into submission too.

now i’m quite certain (cause i embrace my own abundance that makes me think that you actually care what i have to say) that you’ve already thought of those one or two things (a new job, quitting your old job, materials, a new website, a blog post, an advertising budget, a friend, a class…) that you need in order to take the next step. do me a big favor, leave it in the comments. i want need to know what doors you are breaking down tomorrow today.

7 thoughts on “Embracing Abundance: Breaking the Scarcity Mindset

  1. Thank you so much for your post today, I absolutely loved it, and needed to hear it today! I really believe in the mindset of abundance, but have been forgetting it lately, so this was the perfect reminder.

  2. Yes lets do it now!Your article confirms my thoughts for yrs.My kids often say they had fun as kids parties,crafts lots of friends.We were the house everyone wanted to be at….Dont misunderstand we didn’t have alot of money but we had fun!Everyone helped each other there were days I worked long hours they all learnt to cook and care for themselves.(a plus that alot of kids never know today they had child or absent parents at home… so many times our family filled the gaps…isnt that the way it should be whatever you know share it teach a child to cook,save money or make games with recycled items.SO much can be done to help others as we all live and learn together! I could keep going but thats enough for today Thank you for the encouraging words My philosophy is also Do it Now!

  3. What an inspiring post. Thank you so much for lighting a fire under my rear. After having twins, I was inspired to make clothing for twins (“Onesie Twosies”). I have what I believe are funny/interesting ideas (and the skills) that would be of value to many twin parents. But, I keep making excuses. My biggest excuse, of course, is that I have tooooo much to do and that it is haaaard to do anything with three small kiddos. It is very frustrating because I am convinced that if I could make this idea work, it could be huge in the long run. This post (your mom, especially!) inspires me to just do what I can today.

  4. Thanks for sharing this post. It is always good to be reminded the importance of embracing abundance – it can slip away without practice. I’m am embracing abundance by believing I will find creative entrepreneurs who need support to thrive even more, and are needing my assistance. And I will find the path to integrate my creative spirit with my virtual assistance practice.

  5. So glad to have this to read this morning. It is not difficult to work hard when you are doing something you love for the people you love. The largest door I have to kick down is complacency. I need to nurture the same “eye of the tiger” desire even when the need to survive is not my biggest motivating factor.

  6. My next big step is to start making some passive products. The blog/site is successful and growing the tribe more every day, which makes me sososo happy. Sadly, though, I’m not making any money yet, and it’s making me panic. I’ve gotten into this nasty loop in my own head that’s telling me I can’t make any passive products because I’m not creative or original enough, but I need to break through it to get out of this “idea scarcity” mindset. I’m asking for help from above and looking around for inspiration. I’ll break through this scarcity of ideas and thereby break through the scarcity of money, too. The trick is figuring out how.

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