best of the bricks: embellish – chicago, illinois

Heading to fabulous Chi-town today to swing by the beautiful shop Embellish and learn about owner Barb’s handmade mission.

My husband and I have lived in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago for 15 years. Part of the reason we love it so much is because there’s no pretension. It’s just an unassuming and nice neighborhood where people have an appreciation for unique and interesting things. Embellish offers just that, in a cozy and comfortable setting, like the neighborhood. We’re coming up on our third anniversary, and I love that Embellish is such a part of the community that people stop by just to say hi or play with Cricket.

My goal is to have the kind of place where there are unique, beautiful things you won’t see on every corner, that don’t cost a fortune. The majority of the merchandise in my store is handmade and independent.

Handmade is important to me because I believe in the little guy and I believe in the quality and the creativity you can only get from an independent designer.

I am passionate about everything in my store, and the only way to share that is face-to-face.

Having a physical space has always been a priority. It’s difficult to truly appreciate handmade jewelry, bags, and scarves without seeing them, touching them, and trying them on. I like a relaxed place that plays good music in the background, so that’s what I created for my customers.

4161 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60618
M-F 11-7
Saturday 11-6
Sunday 12-5

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Laurel Denise

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