Election Day Lessons from a Creative Aunt

 Election Day Lessons from a Creative Aunt
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Today I take my six-year-old nephew to the polls with me as I vote.

I take him not to tell him which party to support. I’ll leave that decision up to him when he’s old enough to evaluate things for himself. I take him to teach him three heart-felt life lessons that will serve him no matter if he decides to live in America, Japan, or the native land of his mother, Nigeria.

Voting is an outward expression of an interior belief.

How many of us believe things so strongly that we aren’t afraid to express those beliefs?

In the judgement-free zone of the voting booth, we can freely express that belief in a constructive manner. And we should revel in these moments.

Your vote is as private as you want it to be. The poll volunteers won’t grade your ballot. You are free to support whom you want. And with that vote you are expressing your belief that your choice is the best choice.

Belief, conviction, and the proper expression of that conviction serve us in so many areas of life.

Voting is an active commitment towards an outcome.

Voting is not just an expression of a belief. It’s support for a particular issue or candidate. And a commitment to a projected outcome. Some people choose not to vote, for whatever reason, but¬†it’s my belief that lack of commitment to an outcome is indeed a form of commitment.

Omission or commission, what decisions are you making in your life?

Voting is a right and a privilege to be acknowledged.

I’m blessed to know many people who weren’t born in the US who speak freely and openly about the opportunities our nation provides.

I’m also blessed to know many people who were born in the US, have experienced injustice, failed systems, corrupt practices, and still believe in our nation. These people believe in America, not because we are perfect – because, clearly, what nation is perfect – but because despite our flaws, they see the beauty and opportunity.

They participate in the rights and privileges of our system as they can – even the rights and privileges many see as a hassle, whether it be voting or serving jury duty.

They believe by contributing to our community in a healthy, proactive, and inspired way, they can enact positive change and improvement.

Whether you cast your ballot today, or if you’ve already voted, think about how voting is more than just support for a candidate, but a lesson for life.

Happy Election Day.

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