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Tortilla Girl

I’ve got Tortilla Girl on the brain today, and it’s not because I’m hungry and not because I’m wishing I lived in France. It’s because in my not-on-SG life I’m gnawing on a really tough question about that little hyphen in eco-business. That seemingly simple little line representing the intersection of trying to make money and trying not to make things worse for the whole world, ecologically speaking (or even! could it be? trying to make things a bit better for the whole world, ecologically speaking).

See, to me there’s a difference between the business that’s using an eco-friendly material here and there and the business that’s making a real commitment to being eco-friendly, not just in materials but also in production practices.

Tortilla Girl is, to me, the epitome of the latter. TG is a clothing and accessories business based in Lyon, France. Now, maybe it’s because the one-woman behind Tortilla Girl’s one-woman show started out as a corporate lawyer, but this lady runs her business like someone who has given every single detail the consideration it deserves.

Sure it’s true in her designs, and it’s perhaps even truer in her business practice. From sourcing materials (Becky only uses materials whose origins she can trace, choosing her fabrics, bits, and bobs from local artisans and suppliers. The silk she uses is cruelty-free, the yarns spun by a small French spinnery) to choosing not to burn the midnight oil (she only works during daylight, choosing not to use any artificial light while creating for her etsy shop), Becky has created not just a business but a truly eco-business.

And did I mention that every single thing in the Tortilla Girl shop is picture-perfect gorgeous?

6 thoughts on “eco through & through – tortilla girl

  1. Wow, that is really interesting and very impressive. I am trying to make my very small business as ecological and environmentally beneficial as possible. I have a long way to go to get to where Tortilla Girls is, but this is really really good food for thought.

  2. These are lovely. I like the idea of eco-business. Really, being kind to our planet is the way business should be! Hopefully someday we can just call it “business” :)

  3. Becky’s work is outstanding and her commitment to the environment too! I didn’t know she only worked in daylight, amazing! I live in Lyon too. I’ve never met her…but I do visit her lovely online shop regularly to admire her work.

  4. I’m absolutely *honored* to be featured here with such a motivating and rewarding post. Thank you for writing such lovely words and for noticing (and appreciating!) the effort I take in trying to be as eco-friendly as I’m able. You’ve made my month with this blog post :)

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