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i am doing a jig right now – kicking my heels up and swinging myself around b/c these pretty calendars were delivered today! yeehaw!!!

i am very much a "need to see my to-do list and schedule on paper in front of me at all times" kind of girl. i usually print off the blank outlook calendar and call it a day. but this year, i needed something bigger that won't lay about on my desk, mistaken as a coffee/beer coaster or a message pad. so i took a bunch of my own sketches and came up with this BIG 2009 wall calendar. my dearest friend Jeanie graciously did the hand-lettering for me – which fits so well with the overall sketchbook feel.

the black & white finish will go well with any decor style – and if you're a compulsive colorer like me, have at it (no age limit). each month includes an original patterned background in styles that are mod & happy! offset printed on "FSC & Ecologo Certified, 100% post-consumer, processed chlorine free recycled paper (manufactured using biogas energy) and using non-toxic toners." each page is 11" tall by 17" wide. **ships immediately**

Indie Designer: me – Jan DiCintio :)

$20 from daisy janie


3 thoughts on “eco-friendly calendar from daisy janie

  1. Very nice! I thought it was a coloring book. I would probably color it. I unfortunately need one of those HUGE Mom calendars to keep track of the 4 of us. :(

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