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rec’d a sweet note from artist/designer Dear Songsuwan from mingus designs and knew instantly her designs were the perfect post for Earth Day – and every day!! if you’ve been dog-earing green products or slowly transitioning to more eco-friendly purchases (aka “voting with your dollar” [thanks Betz!]), then please add these handbags and accessories to your list. mingus designs embraces “sustainable living principles and is focused on producing a range of products that reflect environmentally conscious values without compromising quality and style. all our pieces are designed, drawn, cut, printed, glued, sewn and packaged with love and care by hand using 100% green energy. the finest natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton, linen and upcycled leather are used for our creations.”

Dear starts with an original, hand-drawn illustration that she hand screenprints onto her ground cloth of choice. she then sews each handbag or scarf herself b/c everything is made to order. her work reflects her “passion and appreciation for design, quality and the environment.”

*the prices for her handbags are soooo very, very reasonable given the types of fabrics she’s using, not to mention the attention to detail!

$12-57 from mingus designs

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