Dylan Strzynski is After my Heart

As luck would have it, I discoverd Dylan Strzynski’s work by accident, when I was looking for something completely different. But I am so glad that I did. I immediately connected with his work. Not only does Dylan use a combination of painting, drawing and print making techniques, but much of his imagery is based on environmental themes. And did I mention we share the same birthday?

Read more about Dylan Strzynski’s work here. And visit his shop on etsy here.

3 thoughts on “Dylan Strzynski is After my Heart

  1. Hey Brittni, oddly enough I stumbled upon your post about me completely by accident as well while scouting around for new outlets for my my tshirt company Intl Robot (www.dylanS.etsy.com – not to turn this into a marketing plug but it’s what I was really doing!). Thank you for the appreciation. As well as the two of us, Brian Eno was born on May 15th as well. I always thought that was pretty exciting!

    Happy belated birthday!


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